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  1. Well you're welcome to believe what you wish. Really it has little to do with how UNT fares, but as a TCU alum, and someone who worked for TCU for 4 years I do know the institution has created a model that makes it a "destination" type school for the east and west coast elites. They are popular there, and the fanbase (Just like Texas, Tech, etc.) is made up of much more than just alumni. That's proven itself to be true when you see how well they travel.
  2. VERY large following. Believe it or not the majority of students at TCU are not from Texas. They are overwhelmingly Californians.
  3. Absolutely spot on. I felt horrible last night, and I still do. But I’m sure that pales in comparison to how those kids feel, and how I’m positive Mason feels. I hope he’s ok, and I will say that it doesn’t feel good feeling so bad about a loss, but that is a real good indicator that we have come so far from where we once were. Where suddenly we are devastated because our UNT, yes North Texas, had a chance at an undefeated season. We need to digest this loss and yet be extremely thankful and feel blessed by what we are seeing. GMG
  4. While we're all looking at APR, interest rates and all that crap, let us also pause to reflect that nUTSAck has six wins. I was enraged last night when I saw they won. I hate that stupid little team.
  5. See "Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act" Yes, they are ball players and yes we all have a vested interest in seeing our teams succeed, but these are students. They are student's first. Not employees. http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html
  6. +1. We aren't all that stupid. We know this is A. a D2 team. B. a horrible team. 3. A home game. Lets enjoy this win until tonight and then think about two weeks from now. Amen?
  7. From what I heard there were a few "young alumni" who were very displeased with seat stealing, etc. on their side of the stadium. Maybe someone brought it up to the ticket people?
  8. Assistants? Or assistance? Do we need assistants or assistance? also.... I doubt that about "all" D1 teams. Yes, Chico is the go to guy for QB's.. frankly, I'm ready to see him move on to other places.
  10. Indeed. Now get rid of that graphic. The Spurs closed out the heat in 5...
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