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  1. Glad he cares enough to wear the Mean Green sweatshirt...more power to him.
  2. Another mystery of life from the athletic department.
  3. Just a rumor, but I heard that when SMU reaches ACC nirvana next year, the uniforms will be designed by Christian Dior....developing.
  4. It is kinda a sad/funny situation that has developed in the metroplex. All three major athletic universities have, for different reasons, said 'good bye and good riddance.' Now the metro plex has no major university athletic rivalries.
  5. At least Morris will be at the game, trying to win. Seth never was there with us.
  6. Robb was doing press box announcing for the Cowboys, who had the gall to schedule a game against our exhibition game.
  7. Don't you understand that fun is not allowed on this board?
  8. You are quite right Adler..by the way, Helwig's eagle logo that he pushed while AD here was also 'clip art.'
  9. I did not see Texas Tech in the top 25..did I miss it?
  10. Apparently another slow day for Kokomo.
  11. What a bunch of cry babies....remember when we weren't even on TV?
  12. Kansas State offered more money, I'm sure, but the probability of getting to the Big Dance is a key factor. K-State of the Big XII will have an easier time of making the field of 64. We can do it, too, but our chances are slimmer than K-State's.
  13. I got a memo from Dr Hurley's office in the late 80's that we were not to use Mean Green on stationary, or anything official from our office. He wanted Eagles..not Mean Green Eagles, not Mean Green, just Eagles...go figure his logic.
  14. So sad that a "Christian" university is willing to piss away so much money that could be used for the betterment of society.
  15. Wear purple if you need to...just win.
  16. This was probably the worst production that ESPN has ever had with North Texas involved, and that is saying a lot.
  17. Good luck Bears...thanks for the nice comments.
  18. Let's see how we do against FIU before we totally freak out....a loss at FIU would be disastrous.
  19. 4 and 5 star players want MONEY. If you want 4 and 5 star players, sell your soul and conscience.
  20. It is amusing that SMU has hoodwinked the ACC into thinking that they need the Highland Park market. Just as SMU jumps ship, the ACC ls listing or maybe even sinking with Fla.State and others planning a mutiny in the near future.
  21. You are correct. He never understood the place for winning athletic teams in the fabric of the university.
  22. Great move, baseball. Al Hurley was the president and Fred McCain was the athletic director when the team was cut as a varsity sport. Hurley did not appreciate and help athletics much. It was primarily a Title IX compliance issue and men's soccer also took the hit ( now soccer is a women's sport, as you know). Perhaps more could have been done, but Hurley had already relegated football down to 1-AA. There was not much hope for income at the 1-AA level of football, so all suffered.
  23. Most contracts include a certain number of tickets allocated for visiting team fans...sometimes it is a very small number, however.
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