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  1. Good hire if true. Guy has been successful everywhere he has been.
  2. It's a little early for bowl predictions but of course they are out there and I have seen North Texas in the Bahama Bowl against Tulsa on a few.
  3. I would go to Stanford where the Level of Football Play, Value of Degree and Campus Location is hard to beat.
  4. I thought it was Green Granny Apple. But please just Bring Back the Worm and the success that went with it.
  5. At this point a fresh set of eyes is needed. If all things were rosy then he would probably the right choice, but they aren't.
  6. Now, tomorrow, July, 5 minutes before first game or halftime of 10th game it just needs to happen as soon as possible. The guy has no future as a head coach and the sooner the change is made the better off the team will be going forward.
  7. They need to bring back the worm, stick with it forever and not ever change.
  8. They don't run Harvard Law at night, last time I checked.
  9. What other school the size of North Texas in a market the size of DFW would allow RV to keep his job this long?
  10. I would say since they brought Benford back to save money then have a drawing each home game to pick a ticket holder to coach the game that night. That way they are getting someone else to coach the team without having to pay and it can't get any worse.
  11. I heard that he quit to sell used cars after hearing about Benford coming back to be in a more respectable line of work.
  12. If they feel that all this talent is coming back it would seem the perfect time to go out and get a coach that might be able to build something with that talent rather than wasting it with a coach that has proven to be the SUCK.
  13. Coach Benford in reviewing your performance we have come to the conclusion it can't get any worse so we have decided to bring you back. Thanks Vito for letting us know how that meeting went because I was totally confused.
  14. No Gonzaga is a little school in a little conference that is a basketball power and I would say they are getting a pretty good return on their investment.
  15. Fitzgerald, his assistant then Few. I think that's 3 Monson was his name
  16. Why was OSU even looking for a coach? Ford had an amazing HOF GOAT record in comparison to Benford.
  17. You have a point, another winning year in Ranger and he can get a job somewhere that wants to win.
  18. Sean Sutton has never done anything to interest me, his best year was mediocre. I would be more interested in his Dad and even he is not worthy at this point in his career.
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