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  1. August 26th: Mayweather, McGregor. It's going to be a great night.
  2. Yes. We have a loooong way to go.
  3. That was ugly. But, it's not like we were going to the college playoffs. It's a bowl game and we get to drink beer and watch the Mean Green. I really do not see the problem.
  4. Morris is horrible and the defense can't tackle. We need some WR's too. ...and DB's. But we are better than last year. It's been a while since we truly felt that way.
  5. I like the idea but I watched the press conference last night and Strong couldn't put together a complete sentence. Hey, at least Seth can come up with a sentence and 5 wins.
  6. We really need to work on the QB and WR stable. Hopefully we get lucky and have a few good ones fall our way.
  7. I don't know man. In the beginning of the season we thought we were a 1-2 win team at most. Green koolaid guys thought 4 wins. If you had been offered for the University to give ole' Seth 35K to get you to 5-6 in the end then hash out a game with UTEP for a possible 6, you likely would have taken it. That being said, I think he has plenty of money but if 35K is in the contract and we go bowling? As long as he doesn't play Morris, I'm FINE with it.
  8. He shouldn't be playing in this game. Do we know when Fine is expected to be back?
  9. This is really a ridiculous topic. Get an invite? Take it. Period. The team played well all season, better than expected. Take it. Injury and suspension cost us this last one. Take it. Academics are great. Take it. Seniors have been through hell. Take it. F'n take it and stop whining.
  10. I'm not sure what you said makes sense but I do know that Jekyll & Hyde is much better than expected. We had to play above our ability for nearly every game. We won 4 more games than expected and had one HELL of a first season under Seth and Company. The bonus can go to whomever you can convince the prez to give it to, but this team did well and gave it hell and we lost this last one due to suspension and injury. Nothing more, nothing less. Great season!
  11. Not gonna happen but good his name is being thrown around. Good for us to have some mention.
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