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  1. Also, I know it’s probably coach speak, but had the opportunity to talk to Coach Patterson while he was a regular at the restaurant I worked at, at the time, and he was a big fan of Littrell. Really super complimentary.
  2. I hear what you’re saying, but I live in FW. The land of the Frog, and I am amazed at how many people say we are improving and “putting together a good little squad.” It amazes me that the perception from the outside is so much more positive than it is on the inside.
  3. They both probably end up in the big 10 because of their academics. That’s a big thing for the big 10. Probably end up with 24 teams and do 4 divisions. Eventually will be the big 10 and SEC with the big 12 a step down and the rest. With an expanded playoff and maybe 1/2 spots for everyone outside of those 2 conferences depending on how they expand it.
  4. Ulala right? Not ulm. Plus rather have app state, la tech, usm, Marshall.
  5. Am I the only one that this guy started to lose a little bit of credibility when he never mentioned Tommy Bush, but then lost all credibility when he said we have one of the top WR corps in the Sunbelt?? Lol
  6. Great article, I’ve got a lot of hope for this young man as well. Hoping he develops into our number 2 this year, even better if it’s a 1B, then continues to grow and lead the program. Should also be able to help recruit locally.
  7. And he probably makes more than you do as well. Lol
  8. I agree with what you’re saying 100%, but calling schools dead weight can be cyclical. I mean 10-15 years ago, Baylor and ISU were the bottom dwellers of the Big 12 and we all would’ve agreed they were never going to seriously compete. Baylor was always the worst with Kansas….and outside of the Seneca Wallace years,ISU was the 3rd worst team in the big 12. Now look at what they are just because they had access to the big leagues.
  9. I think that was in reference to Zion.
  10. Yeah, but that kid could sling it. The thing is, his stats weren’t great his freshman year, and, yeah, he got hurt, but you could tell immediately that he was different. I mean, from his first drive when he led us to a td. I guess the point is, you can tell pretty quick whether a qb has “it” or they don’t, and we haven’t had a guy since mason that has “it”. I still think that transfer from the cusa school is gonna end up our starter because he had “it” against us.
  11. Which is a huge fear of mine, because it was not that long ago that mtsu was so much better than everyone else in our conference then their coach got poached and they fell off the cliff immediately. side note, their coach was there forever, but he has failed miserably at his new location. So, maybe food for thought?? It also didn’t work too well for the last bball coach to have success at our school after he “got his dream job” js
  12. Yes, but how do you feel about torture? 🤷🏼‍♂️ side note, huge fan of yours, but I had to bust balls.
  13. Western son also makes a bourbon!! Js
  14. I think the most impressive thing is that none of us thought we were going to be able to replace the playmaking ability of Hamilton. I don’t think any of us expected perry to do what he’s done even though he won the MVP and led his team to the championship in JUCO. Kudos to him. I remember we were all a little disappointed in this class because we thought it was underwhelming for the season we had just had. Myself included. heck, I think the guy most of us were all most about was the kid from Washington, and he has barely ever seen the floor. I don’t know how we hang on to McCasland, unless he’s built like coach K, mark Few, or Gary Patterson. If the sports gods finally do decide to smile on us it would be something, though.
  15. I kinda agree with you. I think Unt is the only team left that has a chance at an at-large bid, but I think the ONLY way we get that is by winning out all the way to the championship game, and it has to be against UAB. That would put us at 26-5, but 24-5 in the eyes of the net rankings and selection committee. If we lose to UAB we would most likely still be top 50 NET, maybe top 45. We just don’t blow out teams(often)so that kinda hurts us in those rankings.
  16. I get that, but the article says that Unt and uab would meet in the semifinals. If uab ends up as the number 2 seed in the west wouldn’t they be in the opposite bracket?
  17. I’m pretty sure only Gonzaga is actually considered high major not their entire conference. That being said the WCC is up there with the AAC as far as conference respect outside of the big 6 in basketball.
  18. Wouldn’t unt and uab be in opposite brackets if they finish 1/2 in the west? im guessing this is assuming uab finishes 3rd?
  19. The Johnny Jones bowl!!! Think he shows up if his team doesn’t make it???
  20. How did Marty brackets leave us out and still give uab the love??
  21. My favorite line was, “and then Tylor Perry decided he wanted to be on sportscenter” until, they asked what do you do after this “probably drink a little red wine” lol that was awesome.
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