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  1. He's in high demand. 2 OCs have now gone on to P5s; Illinois and now Oregon. He and his family loves Boerne Texas and his kids are in school. It's gonna have to be the right school. Yes, he inherited Harris, but he's also coached the entire team up. Way fewer unsportsmanlike, fewer procedure penalties, etc. We may not be conference champs, but we win 8 games a year. And after Wilson? I'll take that.
  2. No, officially Frank Wilson's. I realy think Coker staff started the process, though. Harris has been a student at UTSA since 2017. Thank god he wasn't wasted under Wilson. Many fans at that time felt Narcisse was the better QB. I really don't know who they were watching, but it clearly wasn't UTSA. I never once thought any QB on UTSA roster was better than Harris.
  3. They won't have Freeze anymore, so we'll have to see how they might fall off or stay the same. But they clearly have a money advantage AND the desire.
  4. They get what they deserve. Imagine a 2 time conference champ being sent to a bowl game on a Friday afternoon during a legit work day. Literally, played in the last CUSA game of the year and playing in the second earliest game. This CUSA sucks ass...
  5. COVID Seniors, maybe? If you look at college football as a whole, there were many "upsets" and a school like Tulane, which is an undesirable football destination, the ability to give recruits one extra year of development is huge. I don't know for sure, but that's my guess. Blue blood P5 schools have to keep that pipeline moving, whereas G5s actually benefited from super seniors. James Madison killed it this year.
  6. I would love to blame Judy, but this is all TV's doing. Either way, Friday sucks...
  7. Good luck ... Here's to as injury free game.
  8. ...And without any fans in the stands.
  9. 2021 was the first year of the Friday Championship game.
  10. Meh, they've had since 1996 to give a care.
  11. Only 4 teams from CUSA would have been invited to the American. UNT, UTSA, UAB, and FAU. We could play an 8 game schedule while rotating through all the teams more frequently. (UNT, SMU, UTSA, Tulsa) (Tulane, UAB, Memphis, ECU) (FAU, USF, Navy, Temple) Play annually then you rotate the other 8 teams in the 5 remaining games. These annual teams would be regional type rivals. Schedule the other 5 games as home and home and we'd rotate through the entire conference no less than every 4 years.
  12. ESPN has a lot of pull. I think we play Coastal in the NO bowl no matter what. It was embarrassing to see 30 UTSA fans in the stands on Saturday and that being 26 more than Rice had. Rice simply does not pull its weight anymore. Houston area doesn't care about Rice anymore than Rice cares about Rice.
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