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  1. Love it. As you know, that’s the story of many hs qb’s. They are put at qb because they are the best athlete on the team. if I remember correctly, UT missed out on Robert Griffen and Johnny football because Mac would only recruit them as db’s because he didn’t think they could play qb. I only use them as examples because UT was recruiting these guys strictly based on their athletic talents. Not because either had tape of them playing db.
  2. This is their way of promoting it, and they are doing such a drastic promotion because school is still out, and they know our boys deserve a great crowd. I commend them for doing what they can to try and make it a great environment for our team.
  3. I just want to add one thing to those that always talk about Littrell not developing qb’s while he was here, which I agree with. He did happen to be the oc for Nick Folk and Mitch Trubiskey. One won a Super Bowl and the other was drafted before Eric Morris’s qb at Tech. 😜 I’m only saying that Littrell wasn’t terrible at developing qb’s at one point in his career. This hire is very much Littrell 2.0, let’s just hope we get the improvement we got out of Seth when he first got here, then not get stuck in the limbo like we did after he passed on the kstate job.
  4. If that’s all you truly care about, then the guy to hire is Art. I know, I know, but you know I’m not wrong…………(again, if ALL you care about is winning)
  5. Also, don’t be “sports sad” the rangers signed degrom today. Just be “UNT sports sad”
  6. I really don’t think it’s been a strength since the JJ days.
  7. We didn’t think that at 1-6 last year either. ( not including bowl)
  8. I know he has much to be desired, but to keep saying he hasn’t developed a qb, and then look at Aune’s growth from last year, is a little bit ridiculous. I know he’s not mason fine, and I know he has directly cost us games, but he’s also done some good things. He’s also much better than he was last year. please don’t use Jason Bean as the example of developing qb’s because who knows how he would’ve developed over the last 2 years if he had stayed here. Facts is, he was a rs freshman playing his first college snaps, so I hope he looks better now than he did back then.
  9. If we win 8 or more games and/or win conference Littrell is 100% getting extended. The only way he is not is if Baker already has his guy 100% in his pocket and committed. Plus, it would have to be a headline name hire. Someone that is going to ensure excitement with the current roster as well as the fan base. TCU kept their roster because Sonny Dykes was known before the end of the season and the players were excited to play for him. SMU kept their players because they knew Lashlee, and believed in him. OU Is an example of worst case scenario. They also have a team full of guys that knew they could go just about anywhere they wanted. That’s not the case here.
  10. Man, it would be so bad ass to see college football do a system similar to the relegation/promotion system in English football. not possible I know, but damn it’s fun!!!
  11. This was proven to be very true yesterday. 73-0? Ouch. At least when we gave up 79 it was against OU with a HS coaching staff.
  12. I’m ready to see him move on, sadly, but don’t forget, he was the oc at indiana and North Carolina and both teams were top 5 offenses his second year as the oc.
  13. Anyone remember how much we wanted Kendall Briles last hiring cycle?? dudes still an offensive genius. Just love how he is completely out of consideration now. also, would be hilarious if hired Dickey. (I know, I know not happening) but can we all agree if anyone would do it, it would be us. At least he has way more skins on the wall now, and he’s willing to adapt his offense. Lol
  14. Yeah, we will move the ball, but the problem is we will run a conservative hurry-up offense and go for it on fourth and 1 multiple times, but we will try to run it up the middle, from the shotgun, with no fullback/h back/tight end as a lead blocker so we will get stuffed at the line of scrimmage. But wait, here’s the kicker, we will try it 3 or 4 times and fail every single time. Lol. I’m so heartbroken.
  15. W ware about to get picked apart by a kid from Denton tomorrow, and he didn’t even go to a p5 school.
  16. And sadly put a ton of money on Memphis because you know we aren’t going to be within 12.5 points!!! damn!! Why does UTSA find Jeff Traylor, and we find Todd Dodge. Lol. Please can we find a person with success as a hc in the sunbelt or fcs or even UTSA!!! Lol we pay more!
  17. My buddy coached the Murphy twins in hs, and they loved Bennett. They just got offered too much $$ to not return. Essentially the opposite of KD. Lol
  18. He would be our next Littrell. Tease us with a spread then convert back to a run based offense.
  19. You basically just said exactly how we ended up with Mason Fine. His hc was a teammate of Littrell’s. You can’t say Seth has not recruited well since GH left because these have been the highest rated classes we’ve had.( lol) but Seth is from Oklahoma. It’s not like he’s from California and can’t relate to texas hs coaches.
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