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  1. This topic has been a great read. Gotta love that so many of us wanted Briles the last time around, and he turned us down because he was being groomed to take over for his dad. Then he was bashed on here after the Baylor debacle. We were all,”Bet he wished he took the job now.” Then he ended up at FAU, and his offense just embarrassed us. Now we are back to him as one of our top targets. Love it. To the Oahu guy, Denton is part of DFW bro, we are a bandwagon town. Look at every professional sport as well as TCU and SMBleh. This area supports winners. If you win, people show up. Only exception to that is the cowboys. A few years ago SMU had a killer bball season and every game was sold out. TCU started winning and FW adopted them. The Rangers were going to WS and people that didn’t even know who the 3rd starter in the rotation were asking off to go to games. FWIW, my choice is 1:)briles, just like last time 2) Sumlin 3) someone ridiculous like Deion sanders because you know he’s gonna get athletes we have no business getting. Just like he’s doing at an FCS
  2. I think we will win today, but I haven’t seen anyone else that thinks we can win. That’s how I know it’s dower.
  3. Somehow after blowing a huge upset last week La Tech manages to squeak by their fcs game. 45-42
  4. First off, don’t you know you never try to respond to a PMG post. Secondly, it’s so funny because after year 3 you couldn’t have found many people that would’ve said otherwise. Including AD’s. I’m also shocked this hasn’t lead to more love for Harrell. Our offense completely fell apart without him which was shocking. I also am at a loss as to why our team has not been able to show up for a big game since Arkansas in SL year 3. Seems like we were on a roll then that’s dam. La Tech game happened and it’s never been the same.
  5. I agree with your 9-3 or 3-9. Lol I feel like if we give up 21 to NWST it’s not a good sign of things to come for our D. Just not. I’ll hope for a win against SMU, but man I’ve been impressed with what Sonny Dykes has done. We ABSOLUTELY HAVE to beat all of the CUSA teams we play early on to have a real shot at turning this around. I disagree, unless I’m misreading it, that we had a much better roster in 2018. We had a much better qb, that’s about it. I don’t think Liberty is drastically more talented outside of their QB. He is special. Mizzou is a loss unless Grant McCasland decides to come help us out for a game. Win the rest of the CUSA games, and that’s how we get to 9-3. We absolutely have the talent. We have to figure out a way to do a little of what we did in 2013 which is control the clock. As good as our O was last year, there was too many times we would follow up an opponents td with a 3 and out. That just can’t happen for us to have a chance. Even when we had decent D’s under McCarney we would do this and they’d get run down. The difference under Littrell is that his teams are able to rack up the stats when the game is out of reach.
  6. Man, this is a crazy statement. He was nowhere near as accurate, I guess you could try and say his ball had more zip on it, I disagree, but who cares how far or hard you can throw it when it’s not accurate?? Like was stated earlier, unless Bean was out of the pocket with no one in front of him, he couldn’t hit a deep receiver to save his life. He always had happy feet in the pocket. That being said, that’s also on our coaching staff for not doing a better job of moving him out of the pocket. IMO, almost every play we ran with him in should’ve been a Zone Option Read/Pass. He should’ve been outside the pocket where the threat of his legs might’ve opened up some receivers. Much like UT did early on in VY’s career. (I know he is nowhere near as talented)
  7. Brett has taken a lot of crap on here for waaaayyyyyy to many years, and this is the first time I can remember him ever clapping back. I’m not quite sure what to feel about that yet. A large piece of me hopes that We’ve broken Brett down and he will now interact with us, but I don’t think this is true. so that being said, NTSN, you win the internet for August. IMHO.
  8. Ok, so my only response about the defense is a) they tried to implement a brand new scheme with no spring or real ability to meet beforehand. On top of that, I hate the 3-3-5. For it to truly work you need more than 1 NT and d-ends that are big enough to hold the line. B) our LB’s and multiple other people missed games because of covid so we had several games with people that really didn’t know what they were doing. C) This is just pure optimism. I’ve heard from a friend of mine that coached the Murphys’ in hs that they have put on some size, and they love DE. He worked out with them in the summer. They are special, and they are hungry. They had 7 combined sacks in roughly half a season as d-ends on a 3-man front. What are they gonna do now that they can pin their ears back and get after the qb????? Man!! I was thinking about this season as well! That 2010 team, is still, to this day, the one that I have the most what-if disappointment. We played with Clemson. They were shocked. If Nathan Tune hadn’t been lost for the season in the second game, I think that team could’ve done something. They had some talent. Especially on offense, and as much as Dodge did wrong, he put some damn good offenses on the field. It was also the first time he had what looked like a competent defense. Of course if we did win, then we would’ve never gotten rid of Dodge. Lol. So it’s a catch-22.
  9. Glad to see Shorter back to form. He looks like he could be another special one. Was so disappointed to see him go down early last year. Would’ve been really fun to watch our offense with him and Darden. @northtexassportsnetwork how is Tommy Bush looking? Seems like another guy that could be a physical specimen, but does he have the make-up? I remember the wr from ou during the dodge years that we were all excited about, but he never could put it together.
  10. I hope you’re not ‘glad’ to eat your words. Lol. That would mean the season is becoming a huge disappointment. Hopefully you will be glad that your detractors are having to eat their words!! I know I am hoping for that.
  11. Man, Clayton Tune still breaks my heart. His parents were regulars at the restaurant I was running while Clayton was still in hs. Of course, bonded over Mean Green football, and their oldest son’s time there. (Especially, How disappointed I was that we never got to see just what he was gonna do when he finally got the chance to start) Anyway, I was always just so disappointed that we never once even picked up the phone to talk to that kid. This isn’t an indictment on Litrell by any means. It was when he first got here, and was getting his bearings, plus we had just brought in Fine the year before. It was more of an indictment on McCarney because his staff never reached out to him, not once. Just another story of a kid that was playing 10 minutes from Denton, and his family loved UNT, and we never even contacted him. ok, rant over. At least he only destroyed us 1 year. Thanks Covid!
  12. Of course they are gonna talk up the player they drafted, but it is pretty rare that they dedicate this much column space to a 4th round pick. I.e. haven’t seen a whole lot written about jabril Cox for the Cowboys, and they probably get more written about them than any other team in the league. So, I would definitely look at it as a positive.
  13. I am finding myself drinking the koolaid, and getting hyped about this season. I was doing so well about not letting myself get sucked into the hype, and being more honest with myself. Why am I getting so hyped for this team?? I think it’s because of PB. I just listen to him, and I believe. His brother was the HFC of my high school for so long, and my senior year we had the number 5 recruit in the nation/number 1 rb. We had all 5 of our o-line get d-1 scholly’s, and we still did nothing. So I don’t know why I put so much faith in him. someone please talk some sense into me.
  14. I’m trying to stay optimistic about this guy. It kinda reminds me of the kid we got from OU that we were so excited about, but never did much. if he’s the real deal, I actually see him and shorter on the outside and Simpson moving inside to the slot. Where he will kill it. I’m so excited to get shorter back. There were times where they just flat out said run a fly route, and the cb had no chance.
  15. Jordan Love was also a 1st Rd pick that lit us up pretty good.
  16. Not gonna lie, that is pretty freakin awesome!! Looking forward to seeing this young man, dressed in drag, and taking it to his opponents. (sorry, couldn’t resist, I’m a dad. What can I say?)
  17. At least they didn’t mention San Diego either. I mean, we were like the middle child with him.
  18. I think Seth is back next year barring a catastrophe. I agree with the post about last year affecting us. We had to break in a new qb, and defense without any kind of spring or really ability for the guys to get together during the summer. Our D was atrocious last year, but we also had several games without our best defensive players because of the Vid. This is just me wearing my green tinted shades, but if we are able to see 80% of the strides between year 1 and 2 as a starter that we saw from Mason, Aune could be in all conference conversations. I know that’s a big if, but the guy is more physically gifted than MF, and none of us predicted him to be the POTY his second season as a starter. So....as a long time unt fan, I’ve got to hold onto what it is that keeps us going every year.......hope. With the way he has improved recruiting, and just the overall image of unt with hs coaches and recruits, I think he is back next year unless we see a McCarthy level melt down. I completely understand the, “we should expect better” crowd. I also try to step back and be a little more objective. As Jerry Jones said about Romo, Mason Fine was a miracle. He accelerated the rebuild and made us think we arrived before we were actually ready as a program. His senior year was, no doubt, a damn shame. I do think we need to see ourselves look better coached this year. Especially on D, obviously, but I think we need to see our offense be more consistent in being able to sustain drives and not be an all or nothing offense. As “great” as our offense was last year, it was either unstoppable or unmovable. Too many times after our d gave up a score did we do nothing and give it right back to them to score again. Our offense needs to be able to consistently, AT LEAST, move the ball 30-40 yards and chew some clock on majority of their drives. I’ve been drinking a little bit, so rant over. I might have not finished my original point so, sorry for that. Also, we definitely undervalued Graham Harrell, and he is my choice for the next hc if we do replace/lose SL. Which we won’t. Lol
  19. I watched this kid be flat out unstoppable against the number 3 AND 4 (tamu and tech signees) prospects in TX last night. Not looking forward to facing him for 4 years.
  20. Love this dudes stuff. you have to see his videos. The girl dancing in them is his wife, but they are well thought out. his freestyles are INSANE, he has a freestyle battle on sway (one of the biggest DJ/podcasters in the US) where it was clearly set up for his competitor to come in and win he was a bigger act at the time. He goes, it’s pretty good, then Tobe goes...... You ever want to see the look on somebody’s face when they immediately realize they douchebaged up? Lol. That’s the video. Tobe just kills it, and you know this guy is just sitting there texting his agent and manager bitching them out. Lol its so bad that after Tobey is done sway flat out goes, “We usually switch it up in the second round and give the initial artist the opportunity to have a comeback, but after that I think we should finish up with Tobey.”
  21. How many sacks has Gabriel Murphy gotten since being out at de. Man!!
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