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  1. Anyone remember how much we wanted Kendall Briles last hiring cycle?? dudes still an offensive genius. Just love how he is completely out of consideration now. also, would be hilarious if hired Dickey. (I know, I know not happening) but can we all agree if anyone would do it, it would be us. At least he has way more skins on the wall now, and he’s willing to adapt his offense. Lol
  2. Yeah, we will move the ball, but the problem is we will run a conservative hurry-up offense and go for it on fourth and 1 multiple times, but we will try to run it up the middle, from the shotgun, with no fullback/h back/tight end as a lead blocker so we will get stuffed at the line of scrimmage. But wait, here’s the kicker, we will try it 3 or 4 times and fail every single time. Lol. I’m so heartbroken.
  3. W ware about to get picked apart by a kid from Denton tomorrow, and he didn’t even go to a p5 school.
  4. And sadly put a ton of money on Memphis because you know we aren’t going to be within 12.5 points!!! damn!! Why does UTSA find Jeff Traylor, and we find Todd Dodge. Lol. Please can we find a person with success as a hc in the sunbelt or fcs or even UTSA!!! Lol we pay more!
  5. My buddy coached the Murphy twins in hs, and they loved Bennett. They just got offered too much $$ to not return. Essentially the opposite of KD. Lol
  6. He would be our next Littrell. Tease us with a spread then convert back to a run based offense.
  7. You basically just said exactly how we ended up with Mason Fine. His hc was a teammate of Littrell’s. You can’t say Seth has not recruited well since GH left because these have been the highest rated classes we’ve had.( lol) but Seth is from Oklahoma. It’s not like he’s from California and can’t relate to texas hs coaches.
  8. Kinda, the biggest mistake they made was joining the big 10 because they lost their recruiting base in tx/ok/la. If you’re in the big 10 you’re recruiting from Ohio and Michigan, and they were never going to go in and beat out osu/um/msu in those states.
  9. The last line of this post is where I have an issue. “Our Rudy’s”. Just made me realize and wonder, “Why is there such a dearth of good bbq in Denton?”
  10. Generally, it’s more about a defensive player blindsiding a defensive player and leading with the helmet. so the difference with a rb leading with the crown of his helmet is that 99% of the time the defensive player is not blind sided and trying to be taken out by the rb.
  11. I agree with this, but I think people don’t realize that the jump in talent from g5 to p5 isn’t just players. there’s a reason so many g5 coaches fail when they jump to p5. There are lots of factors, but one of the major ones is they just flat out get out-coached. if we could get Patterson he would dominate once again at the g5 level. He’s a master at getting the most out of his players, strategy, but also finding the hidden talents that can excel at the next level. that’s a lot harder to do in the big 12 than it is in the AAC/cusa/sbc/etc. im pretty sure Patterson still lives in or has a house in the fw area. He’s to ingrained into the fabric of ftw. If he wants to be a hc again, Denton is the PERFECT spot for him. He knows he’ll be able to have complete control again, plus he will be going against mostly inferior competition when it comes to coaching. Dude is a savant!! Just watch clips from when he did the coaches film room for espn during the national championship a few years ago. He was schooling everyone in that room.
  12. This is a little funny because I would assume Texas A&M and Notre Dame fans said the exact same thing last week.
  13. Will they be on spectrum, or do I need to just stream it???
  14. I own a restaurant in West FW off Camp Bowie next to the Ridglea Theatre. I’m gonna have the game on our big screen tomorrow night!!!! Fitzgerald eatatfitz.com
  15. Also, I know it’s probably coach speak, but had the opportunity to talk to Coach Patterson while he was a regular at the restaurant I worked at, at the time, and he was a big fan of Littrell. Really super complimentary.
  16. I hear what you’re saying, but I live in FW. The land of the Frog, and I am amazed at how many people say we are improving and “putting together a good little squad.” It amazes me that the perception from the outside is so much more positive than it is on the inside.
  17. They both probably end up in the big 10 because of their academics. That’s a big thing for the big 10. Probably end up with 24 teams and do 4 divisions. Eventually will be the big 10 and SEC with the big 12 a step down and the rest. With an expanded playoff and maybe 1/2 spots for everyone outside of those 2 conferences depending on how they expand it.
  18. Ulala right? Not ulm. Plus rather have app state, la tech, usm, Marshall.
  19. Am I the only one that this guy started to lose a little bit of credibility when he never mentioned Tommy Bush, but then lost all credibility when he said we have one of the top WR corps in the Sunbelt?? Lol
  20. Great article, I’ve got a lot of hope for this young man as well. Hoping he develops into our number 2 this year, even better if it’s a 1B, then continues to grow and lead the program. Should also be able to help recruit locally.
  21. And he probably makes more than you do as well. Lol
  22. I agree with what you’re saying 100%, but calling schools dead weight can be cyclical. I mean 10-15 years ago, Baylor and ISU were the bottom dwellers of the Big 12 and we all would’ve agreed they were never going to seriously compete. Baylor was always the worst with Kansas….and outside of the Seneca Wallace years,ISU was the 3rd worst team in the big 12. Now look at what they are just because they had access to the big leagues.
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