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  1. So they beat Wa and don’t get ranked? They beat us and get ranked? I want every team we played to win out! GMG
  2. The D came alive in the 2nd half. I still feel this could be Seth’s best D line. Shorter with reps will be a beast!
  3. Nope! Win the C-USA champ game at the Ap! GMG
  4. D played a shut down 2nd half. 3rd and longs are killers when they convert. Ask SMU!
  5. Fill the box on D! Do we now have a 2 dimensional offence? GMG
  6. What is the section next to their Band? What ever it is , make it a parking lot.
  7. Hard to watch! Stopped 1/3 the way through.
  8. A Cal win or Houston win and we move on from SMU. He needs to win C-USA Champ this year. That is the measuring stick to me.
  9. I agree, but on obvious passing down you should neutralize their No. 1 threat. The 3rd and long conversion for SMU killed us.
  10. Porche is the fastest guy on the field. Some of the deep throws were spot on with Harvey being in good position. To not cheat a safety over was plain stupid.
  11. He was basically double team most of the game having 3 deep safeties it was not a shut down corner! When you have help deep you can risk and go full speed. Their DC kicked out OC in the ass!
  12. Play call is one thing but the strategy behind those calls is more concerning. Clock mgmt at the end of the 2nd q (has this been mentioned before) also confusing!
  13. Hard to throw with 3 deep safeties! Their DC out coached us!
  14. Poche is maybe the fastest guy on the field. Why we are not jamming him with safety over the top is beyond me. That is what SMU was doing with us.
  15. We were totally out coached by SMU DC and we have 2 outstanding Offensive gurus! Remember the D game plan against us was stack the box? Now it is unstack the box. In game adjustments seems to continue to be a challenge for Seth. We have seen it in second half meltdowns and now right out of the box. As stated 4 yrs later we demand better!
  16. Buechele will be drafted. The DC for SMU schooled us BAD! 2-3 deep safeties? At one point I saw 4 DL and 1 Lb in the box. Great game plan. 4th and 3 from the 8 and we kick a FG, but not from the 45? Poche one of the fastest guys on the field can we not pound him face up and cheat the Safety over? Do we ever play zone on D? We need to beat CAL!
  17. No Fans? Just trying to help. Look forward to meeting you and the 30 others at the game today. Oh and who’s forum are on?
  18. No really quality deep balls and their O line looks questionable. With Sanders they have the speed. GMG
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