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  1. True but is reliant on sales tax. Another hit will be the oil industry. As these items get hammered so will donations.
  2. What a bunch of bull crap. NCAA days are numbered. They are no longer the Cartel !
  3. 5% is just a starter. Wait and see how far revenue will decline this fall. A lot of students won’t be on campus.
  4. Change your name to Kansas. All will be cool!
  5. More regional games are going to be a Financial must for all Conferences.
  6. Video ads for UNT are over their Cowboy Fit Gyms. Really Cool.
  7. Awesome. Congrats to all! Love to have a true dual threat with size! GMG
  8. If students are not on campus I don’t see any fall athletics. It is not only a health issue, but also a liability issue for the University. You can’t say it is to dangerous for some and not for others.
  9. Great point, the decisions should be made by state and local officials. One size doesn’t fit all!! GMG
  10. Because most scientists error on the side of caution. Politicians politic.
  11. It is not effecting me. When it does it is to late. Stay safe.
  12. How are you going to wear a mask when it is 100 degrees outside? No way!
  13. I agree. Can you have college athletics without all the students being on campus? I don’t think so. This will be the measuring point.
  14. To get back to normal we are going to have to have a vaccine. I don’t see how athletics can happen unless all students are back on campus. I sure hope it is a shorter time frame! GMG
  15. Like the idea, now that BB has the G league. Or they can go the Kansas route and get paid by Adidas! $$$$
  16. In this environment things are not going to get better as far as league affiliation. Everybody is just going to try and keep what they have with reduction in expenses.
  17. As the interview shows he is a yes sir and no sir kind of quy. GMG
  18. Only if you are consolidating teams regionally does it make sense to reduce cost. Teams on the bubble financially are going to have to make a move Tulsa La Monroe and others. Revenue and Revenue sharing is going to drop dramatically In all sports. If we can’t get into the AAC then combining with SB would make sense. Set up an East and West Div along with a championship game. GMG
  19. If we are dealing with a new reality area competition will come into play. It will start with ooc being a bus trip, then G5’s aligned with short travel time locations.
  20. He would be a star in that league!
  21. I still feel Mason would be a super Star in the CFL! Wish him the best!
  22. This and the Ark game are my favorite memories! GMG
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