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  1. If a team can not play for reasons beyond its control the contract is null and void with out penalty. I got my degree from Legal Zoom. GMG
  2. This is the kind of stuff we shouldn’t even need to discuss. Would a post be allowed on gomeangreen? This forum and athletics takes me away from reality! We all need that. GMG
  3. Entertainment is escapism. Just like I don't go to a concert to listen the political point from a stoned out rocker, I don't need to hear the political point from an 18 yr old kid. Good luck montoring this.
  4. Lucky enough to be there and see it in person. NOORTH TEXAS chant during that game was amazing.
  5. When Arkansas was booked I bet it was called a body bag game. By them! GMG
  6. To really take the next step we need to see a few 4* every class! GMG
  7. Outstanding offer list. Congrats to all. GMG
  8. Wisconsin doesn’t play fall sports it will cost them $100m! Now tell me what players are worth?
  9. Awesome! Congrats to all! GMG
  10. That is awesome! Congrats to all! GMG!
  11. I would hope we would try spring ball.
  12. Hope players out of the last 2 recruiting classes can make a difference. GMG
  13. OSU and OU football staff is over $21m a year. Revolt is coming.
  14. It is hard to establish legal protection when you know as an institution you are putting people in harms way. No liability on all institutions and businesses needs to be the plan.
  15. How can you open school when you can’t control this withIn a limited group? Bums me out.
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