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  1. Buechele will be drafted. The DC for SMU schooled us BAD! 2-3 deep safeties? At one point I saw 4 DL and 1 Lb in the box. Great game plan. 4th and 3 from the 8 and we kick a FG, but not from the 45? Poche one of the fastest guys on the field can we not pound him face up and cheat the Safety over? Do we ever play zone on D? We need to beat CAL!
  2. No Fans? Just trying to help. Look forward to meeting you and the 30 others at the game today. Oh and who’s forum are on?
  3. No really quality deep balls and their O line looks questionable. With Sanders they have the speed. GMG
  4. Agree, l usually don’t pay much attention, but they got my attention Saturday! I like the chants the had.
  5. I had the pleasure to sit in the box of John Cheney who was an offensive lineman at SMU in their glory days. I was cheering and getting the stare downs. Never forget!
  6. Interesting when you mention the wing everybody knows what you are talking about. Might have been the point! Fill the wing!
  7. This as with most is the most concerning and I would say because of our size. We won’t get beat on the perimeters but quick hits between tackles they don’t have the size to fill. I saw a lot of tackles on the back side of their backs! GMG
  8. He may get one more year with the commitment of his son?
  9. Would love to see that pick with a crowd!! GMG
  10. Trying to get it up before the game. Fans will see walking up to the game along the AD Bldg, every person that works, trains, coaches, and visitor to the AD will see! As a bonus players can look up and see coming out of the locker room. Finally hope it can become a good photo op and of course shared on social media! GMG
  11. May not be complete because of weather! So here you go!
  12. What will really put us over top is an oversold Champ game at the Ap with a win! I would be curious to know how many temp seats we could add?
  13. First play from scrimmage? A 70yd bomb to Rico! Touchdown!
  14. Get ready for more surprises at the Ap!
  15. Climate controlled. They will have events and functions besides football on a ongoing basis all year long.
  16. Greatness! Congrats to all! UNT needs to recruit his mom, what a superstar!
  17. Champ game at the Ap!!! Please!
  18. Like I stated I would go after every PWO at OU & Okie State. I would add any top P5 school. GMG
  19. It really is scary how well we are recruiting! Need one 4* and get over that hump.
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