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  1. I think you are going to see the G5”s shrink. Especially the number of teams
  2. Holy crap! Athletics is going to take major hits if this does not turn around soon! $$$$hit!
  3. Mc and Seth keep proving you can bring great talent to UNT! Congrats to all!! GMG
  4. I’m hoping for atleast conf games both in football and BB! GMG
  5. No he played for OU!! He is an Okie!!
  6. This is easily the most talent Bigs that Mc has had. Best spacing, is to have players that can score at all positions! He is going to be able to run great combinations out onto the floor! GMG
  7. For the first time Mc is going to have the option of going big! GMG
  8. Deng and Simmons seem to have had the same offense! Slam dunk the ball. This guy has a mid range jumper, that neither had ( based off video) if it hold true teams playing a high zone D against us will be shot down. Double teaming Ham off the pick will also be challenging. Love the athleticism of the team! Outstanding!
  9. Love the size of our wide outs since Seth has been here! Congrats to all! GMG
  10. Just watched his video. Mid range jumper and can put the ball on the floor with some quickness. Bell at the 3 him at the 4 could be dominating. I wonder if we push it more? A very exciting! GMG
  11. Congrats to all! Can make the throws and has decent wheels. He is our highest rated qb out of high school, very impressive! GMG
  12. I would bring in another DENG! That could contribute now!
  13. With the current situation, now would be the time for all local schools to play each other. Limit travel and increase attendance.
  14. This will be fun! I need a UNTD t- shirt! GMGD
  15. Sign another Deng for a change of pace! GMG
  16. Subsidizing expenses is going to have to stop! Ticket and TV revenue pricing is going to drop. Maybe it comes back but maybe not quickly as people have found other things to do.
  17. Reduce overhead now! All revenue whether it is ticket pricing or TV is going to be reduced with this tough economy!
  18. As in any business in this kind of environment non performing assets, salaries and fixed overhead has to be cut! You also are going to have to plan for reduce ticket pricing .
  19. Opens a spot!. Would still like to see a Deng type of player.GMG
  20. This is a big surprise to me from the OU perspective. It is a great opportunity for Mo best of luck! GMG
  21. Shorter has draft pick potential! GMG
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