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  1. Man oh man was I fortunate to be at this game! Listen to the crowd noise! To hear the loudest crowd chant of North — Texas in their stadium is one I will never forget! Let’s win it all this year! GMG
  2. Who knows what happened at KSU? I promise he is not going to take Illini or Syracuse. I don’t believe he will take a bottom feeder just to get a P5 job. Now Ole Miss could be interesting.
  3. Two more again today. This many, this early has never happened before? Look for it to continue through the season.
  4. As with Seth it is going to take a special offer for Wren to leave. He is also close to family, making good money and loves the Argyle area for his kids. Let’s all enjoy the ride. GMG
  5. Shorter across the middle? Watch what kind of pain this guy will inflict! He sure looks bigger than 212 on the field! GMG
  6. Great pics! You nailed it! Thanks
  7. Please, please at the Ap! Oversold crowd , Natl TV with a win! That is my dream!
  8. Things have changed dramatically. Same type arguments made with P5 playoffs and bowl games! Old school! From high school, P5 , Pro’s, Canadian and the new leagues coming out we are the only Conference that doesn’t have some type of playoff with a champion.
  9. When are the G5’s going to wake up and realize the money is in playoffs!
  10. Any MWC school! We should play one every year. Would like to see a 1-1 with CSU!
  11. Yea, but did you see the IPF? GMG
  12. Wag Tag


    Pics do not do it justice when it comes to size. Also to have the brick incorporated along with the oversized garage doors makes it look more permanent and classy. Does not look like an airplane hanger. Very well done.
  13. Hardest position to recruit even at the P5 level. One of the reasons you see a lot of the 3-4 line up.You look at our O-line which was terrible a few years ago and now may be one of our strengths. We have to recruit length, red shirt develop and look for transfers. Go English! GMG
  14. Wonder if Fine will be able to audible at the line of scrimmage? He's got the smarts.That would really speed things up at certain times in a game.
  15. Just win the damn Championship at the Ap! GMG
  16. I would argue conservative offensive play calling in the second half. O halftime adjustments! GMG
  17. Burris came from Macarther as a multi sport star , at 6’3 he may be a linebacker
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