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  1. How many millions $$$ is this season going to cost Seth? No new job offers! Has Mason got to bulked up?
  2. We win the bowl game and Alex would of been the MVP and I really wanted that for him. One of my all time highlights was the win at Arkansas and it was made even more special we were sitting in the Ark QB club section. With Mac there were so many times we would play teams with undersized QBs and just get drilled and many times fans screamed for us to take this route in recruiting and finally Mason shows up in coaches first class. Mason really sums up what makes college sports so enjoyable with the challenges he had overcome and as we all know it was done through hard work and the idealism that he is as good as anybody. I love the statement that " Nobody is going to out work me". Let's beat SM and I will have the tissues for the UAB game. GMG
  3. I would like to see a hurry up offense, a tight end used, hambone dominating, and Shorter dominating. In the next game.
  4. You look at most their stars and they are transfers. I wonder how that will impact high school recruiting.
  5. It seems like we have more exposure than 4-5 years ago with the streaming. Also the social media has picked up dramatically this year. Would like to see 1-1 with MWC schools. GMG
  6. Just saw the new BB court install, great day for all!! GMG
  7. Mason deserves to go out on top! Let’s win the C USA championship at the Ap!
  8. Houston 2016 Class 1-5* 4-4*... that’s impressive!
  9. I agree should of stated we need to recruit better and we are doing that!
  10. We have to recruit at a higher level. Their safeties were the size of our linebackers and they had a strong D line rotation! I am shocked at the no hurry up with the OC. I think the 2pt conv time-out and still looked disorganized sums it up.
  11. They scrib , we kick away into the wind?
  12. I said if.. we know payments were made to players by a 3rd party (shoe) if a school participated in any form it would have a liability issue.
  13. Not sure in this case but if players were getting paid and others were not to me they could take some type of legal action.
  14. When u loose on offense, defense and special teams that is on the head coach. When they were kicking off into the wind they scrib it. That was just plain stupid! 3 &8 run a qb draw.. stupid..This OC has made Mason average! That is really stupid!
  15. on both sides, and they were rotating a lot of D lineman!
  16. Can't run the RPO with the their D line is in our backfield. No hurry up and no tight end! OC is very questionable.
  17. Not only a NCAA violations , but wait and watch for civil charges and law suits!
  18. We should of won Cal! Don’t start slow and let’s kick their a$$! GMG
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