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  1. I think this is going to magnify the importance of regional competition. Save the money on travel and hopefully be able to increase attendance!
  2. It would be very disappointing to go into the season with only S,M,A as options. Big man would be awesome and if not another Deng! I think Bell will light it up with playing the right position. The quickness of Bell I could see us maybe running the floor a little more.(maybe) GMG
  3. He has the best arm, can run with good size. The big A is my bet.
  4. Won't matter, but you bring up a good point and that is student turn out.It was terrible Wren and his team have to come up with some ideas! WKU should of been packed with students! GMG
  5. Let’s get this party started! Solid coach and recruiter with great passion for the game! I believe he is here 1 more year with a solid recruiting class and a raise. GMG
  6. Big congrats to coach Mc and the assistants for getting him signed!
  7. That is because he holds the ball to long and to low. He needs to know if he gets the ball where he is going to go. Quick move to the hoop or a dish. They are doubling Hamlet off the screen which should give him some good options. We are very fortunate to have Deng and Bell for an athletic option. GMG
  8. This needs to be handled like last year. Sign a similar class and have some guys move on. Zach has taken a step back IMHO!
  9. We need establish a pick and roll. The setter is not even looking for a pass once he comes out of the screen. GMG
  10. Whenever Deng, Bell and Simmons set a pick at the top for Hamlet or Mo they keep the double team on them ( really on Hamlet) because we have not been a threat for a pick and roll. I could see it not being the case for Simmons, but for Bell it could be a game changer. Would like to hear from others I'm not an expert. Thanks.
  11. Wow nice to see size at the point. Replacing Deng with another athletic big is going to be critical.GMG
  12. Bell's size and athleticism is going to be really special on both ends of the floor. Shout out to Smart for being a true team player, what a class act. GMG
  13. Hope that is his breakout game! He really looks special!
  14. Bell Bell Bell! Nice to have some athletic bigs with him and Deng! GMG
  15. After seeing Jeff’s interview and this one how very proud I am the be an alumni of UNT! Congrats to all! GMG
  16. How good is Cas? He can coach and recruit! GMG
  17. Hope we got a big $$$ pay out. Would really like to see a home and home on a regular basis with the MWC. UNM and CSU would be great.
  18. A dominate DE! We may already have? GMG
  19. Why are we not fouling on their last possession? Zack is in a funk and is Bell allowed to shoot the ball?
  20. The main objective is to get recent graduates involved. Maybe $10 or $20 a year for the first five years with benefits that out weigh the cost. Also give a chance for recent grads to network with current alumni. Networking is the key for career opportunities for all! GMG
  21. I think it speaks more to the individual and I stress individual that posted than anything else. How many did donate and happy to do it? It is always a minority that contributes! In the past colleges with law and Med schools got most of the big bucks donation. Today it is tech entrepreneurs! Our future is bright and the explosive growth of Denton county only makes it stronger! GMG
  22. Greatness! So glad I was able to watch him play and compete! Thank you Mr Fine! GMG
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