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  1. Yeah, consistently horrible.
  2. Mmmmmmmm not quite. It's still an empty field and there are a lot of things to be done. Like Beaver Aplin actually buying the land, I-35E improvements (the new underpass) being completed and the city issuing construction permits.
  3. Not only did The NT Daily get the location wrong but left out the single most important part about them building a Bucc-ee's in Denton: TxDOT and 35Express are gonna build a new I-35E crossover which will extend Brinker Rd under 35E to the southbound feeder road. The location is not "off of I-35E and Lilian Miller Pkwy", it's more than half a mile south of Loop 288 directly across the freeway from Texas Roadhouse and Olive Garden. Adding an underpass there is gonna do sooooo much to alleviate traffic on Loop 288 and Lillian Miller.
  4. Depends on how many more NCAA violations they can rack up in the next couple years!
  5. Point was that I've been in Denton for 13 years and lived on campus for 4 years and didn't know who the hell Wooten Hall was named after until last year. I thought everybody would like some insight showing just how many campus buildings were named after people and how big a fish those people were.
  6. Depends on the legal agreement that outlines the terms of the gift. Don't know the specifics about Dickey Practice Facility, Lovelace Stadium, Warranch Tennis Complex or the Ernie K basketball practice gym. Was the Snake Pit renamed after Ken Bahnsen after he gave a big gift to athletics? What about Fouts too? It was originally called "Eagle Stadium" from when it opened in 1952 until 1954, when it was renamed after Theron Fouts retired as Athletic Director. I dunno if it was just an honorific thing then or if it was because he made a donation. Same goes for every building named after people on campus: Bain Hall: Named after Dr. Wilfred C. Bain, First head of Music Department Bruce Hall: Named after Dr. William Herschel Bruce. President of North Texas State Normal College 1906-1923 Chilton Hall: Named after Joshua Crittenden Chilton. Established Texas Normal College & Teacher Training Inst, May 8, 1890. President thru 1893 Clark Hall: Named after Ms. Edith L. Clark, first Dean of Women, 1916-1944 Crumley Hall: Named after John Jackson Crumley, president from 1893-1884. Put the "North" in North Texas Normal College Curry Hall: Named after Dr. O.J. Curry, first dean of College of Business Administration, 1946-1974 Hurley Administration Building: Named after UNT President Alfred F. Hurley, who took us from NTSU to UNT. Kendall Hall (First building and second building -The Sweat Box, both RIP): Named after Joel Sutton Kendall, President from 1899-1906. Kerr Hall: Named after S.A. Kerr, Vice-chairman of the Board of Regents, 1949-1967 Marquis Hall: Named after Dr. Robert Lincoln Marquis, President of North Texas State Teachers College, 1923-1934 Mathews Hall: Named after Dr. James Carl Matthews, first dean of the School of Education, first vice-president of the teachers college, and president of the university, 1951-1968 McConnell Hall: Named after Dr. W. Joseph McConnell, president of the teachers college and the state college, 1934-1951 Pohl Rec Center: Named after President Norval Pohl, 2000-2006. Scoular Hall (RIP): Named after For Dr. Florence I. Scoular, first dean of the School of Home Economics, 1946 Stovall Hall (RIP): Named after Dr. Floyd Stovall, who served as director of the English Department and first dean of the College of Arts & Sciences in 1946 Terrill Hall: Named after Menter B. Terrill, president of the private North Texas Normal College from 1894 until it became a state normal college in 1901 Willis Library: Named after A. M. Willis of Longview, member of the Board of Regents, 1965-1983, chairman from 1969-1983 Wooten Hall: Named after Benjamin Harrison Wooten of Dallas, chairman of the Board of Regents, 1949-1969
  7. I'm still waiting on the ribbon boards to be installed...
  8. Uh oh Pokes offer: http://www.pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-offers-2018-denton-ryan-qb-spencer-sanders/
  9. I had no problem packing on 20-30 pounds my Freshman year...
  10. Also let's not steal my photo and photoshop it to oblivion and post it on Twitter... PHOTO BY DAVID MINTON/DENTON RECORD-CHRONICLE
  11. Wow they photoshopped out the face mask grab from that photo...
  12. Yeah he's an idiot for going on there. Nobody listens to that station. Now SportsRadioBeltway8, now that's where the action is!
  13. Duuuuuuuuuuuude..... 6pm on September 3rd means there's still an hour and a half of daylight. Hot, scorching, Sun directly in the eyes of the entire student side of the stadium daylight. There's a reason high schools have started scheduling games for 7:30 pm kickoffs at the beginning of the season. It doesn't start to actually cool off until like 8 pm or later, depending on how insanely hot the stadium got during the day and how much it's radiating that heat right onto everyone.
  14. Rick "Keep paying attention to what's going on during the coaches show over thatta way and don't look at me as I break off pieces of this delicious Rudy's Rice Krispies Treat I'm hiding in my pocket" Villareal.
  15. Already workin on my base tan for the SMU bake. I mean game.
  16. Texas won't ever go Independent and risk never getting a shot in the playoff. That's the whole point of rumors about a BIG12 expansion, to get to 12 again and have a Championship game and then a spot in the playoff bracket.
  17. ^^^^ This. Littrell is going air raid. We need a return guy who's not a regular WR, since the risk of one of those guys getting beat up on returns and punts is too high. I see him as a guy we can throw to the wolves and he'll be able to handle himself.
  18. Seth does the whistle spin. That's what he was doing for 80% of the game. the other 20% was taking notes. He had a little notepad and a blue sharpie that he was jotting stuff down with.
  19. That's how it is when it's recorded in a studio. Whenever we played Stars and Stripes Forever in high school me and the rest of the brass section had to hold back so we didn't drown out the piccolo solo. All that being said, I think the problem is that somebody is using a crappy recording of the fight song. Sounds like it's being played from a 1997 GeoCities web site.
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