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  1. Ahhhh the sweet relief of derailing a thread.
  2. I use to complain constantly about never finding parking at West Hall and moaning when I had to park at Fouts near Traditions or over near College Inn, even when I knew it was my own damn fault because I got home from a date at 3am... And then I visited friends at UT, Baylor and A&M. UNT students have no idea how lucky they have been with parking. Students living in dorms don't have to take a bus that goes several miles away to a parking garage to get their car like in College Station, or lucky to find anywhere at all for their car like at Baylor (though they have built a bunch of parking garages since my friends went there, one of them even has a Chili's in it). I thought UNT parking prices were outrageous until my sister started at UT. I think paying to park in the Jester garage for a full semester cost as much as tuition at UNT my freshman year. All that being said, come on Wren, get that track stadium built so they can tear down the rest of Fouts and build a new parking garage. Doesn't matter how far away you gotta park as long as there actually is enough room for folks park. Oh and freshman shouldn't have cars on campus if they live in a dorm.
  3. I'll text Steve to let him know there won't be any food. (The past couple years there may have been food. Don't remember.)
  4. By pretty much tearing it all down to the foundation and rebuilding the entire structure of how college football works. Which nobody wants to even talk about, let alone actually do. Too much money involved and connected to too many people and too much money to be made off of all of it, all on the backs of a bunch of 18-22 year olds. And too many grown-ass adults with too much money who want to glorify and perpetuate jock culture that they're either long past or never got to be a part of to begin with. Here's an idea to rein in a lot of problems: Don't let athletes live off campus. Too many times have I heard of crap going down at some athlete's apartment of a house where a bunch of them live together. If they're in a dorm and have a curfew it narrows down the chances for someone to act like an idiot. I don't care if you're a senior. Let college athletes have friggin' part time jobs if they want! UNT kids stealin' TV's because they're bored, TCU kids dealin' pot because they couldn't afford gas money. How many countless times have we heard stories about athletes who couldn't afford to travel home over the winter break. And I mean like driving from Denton to Houston. Or kids who couldn't afford to eat on the weekends. It'll also set athletes up for after graduation: a lot of guys never have a real job in high school because of the protectionism people lay on high school athletes and then they're forbidden from having a job in college. That's eight years of work experience they've misses out on.
  5. Not to derail this or anything but I never put 2 and 2 together and realized that the little curved driveway that leads to the service parking spots behind Willis follow the path of the track!
  6. And there lies Benford's biggest failure as a coach. He can't coach 5 guys into a team. It's just been 5 dudes out there in the same uniform. Immediately upon his arrival we saw a group of players who meshed incredibly well under a different coach begin to look lost and disinterested. The same players who only a few months before had been making no-look passes to each other and selflessly setting each other up for plays began to be ball hogs and taking really dumb, selfish shots when half of the team was wide open. A really visible symptom of his bad coaching was the relentless and constant substitutions, which always served to kill any kind of scoring momentum we would get and the merry-go-round of guys in the lineup kept any group of players from getting comfortable with each other. (He's also been really bad about clock management). Every college coach, and every NBA coach for that matter, has the task of taking a group of players who don't know each other, some who may have even played against each other before, and getting them to trust and believe in each other and play as a cohesive unit. Benford has not done that. I'll even argue that his shortcomings as a coach are what drove Tony Mitchell to declare for the draft when he did, which was too early. Mitchell was two completely different players under Johnny and under Benford.
  7. Were they ever alive? Has there been any point in Benford's time here after he ran off Johnny's players that we've had a team that gelled together and played well as a team? Benford's whole time here has been a revolving door of recruits who never pan out or who are such basket cases that he's never had a team that could find itself as a team. It seems like every October we find that half the starters are new and there's always some additional new guy who will hopefully become eligible at the semester break and solve all the problems.
  8. Looks like 247 Sports finally changed our logo to the correct diving eagle.
  9. Hopefully all of them, into a box labeled "CLOSET", right before the Little Guy's truck arrives to haul off it and everything else in your house.
  10. Thing is, for them, it's not all about winning. It's about the brand. Those programs bring in more in merchandising and donations (and TV revenue) from being a hot and desirable brand than from butt in seats. Winning just cements the work they've already done.
  11. I dunno dude, hearing University of Texas-San Antonio Roadrunner always makes me want to shomit.
  12. I'm actually kinda surprised that Liberty hasn't been trying to hire Art, given that they've already shown they don't mind taking a big bite out of that Baylor scandal crap sandwich by hiring McCaw.
  13. How old is his son now and what position does he play?
  14. I caught him wearing green on a Friday once this season before I left the DRC. He totally tried to play it off like it was on accident.
  15. This week man... First the Albino Squirrel gets run over and killed now this: CAN 2016 JUST FREAKING END ALREADY????? Also beat Army: GO MEAN GREEN
  16. I haven't purposefully gone to Chicken Express since Dublin Dr Pepper disappeared. Want a refill? Put a quarter in the ceramic chicken next to the soda fountain.
  17. Raising Cane's in Lewisville right after my UNT graduation>Free media room Chicken Express tenders before Tony Mitchell games>The Original Raising Cane's in Baton Rouge>Everyday Raising Cane's>Church's>Hartz Chicken Buffet>Bojangles' Famous Chicken n' Biscuits>Popeye's>Zaxby's>Chick-Fil-A>
  18. Yeah Scottsdale. I'm supposedly off on the 27th so I'll see what I can do. I'll pass this along to the Arizona UNT Alums Facebook group too.
  19. Last time Army played in Denton most of their fans wore camo. Just saying.
  20. Moved to Scottsdale (right next to Phoenix). But have been in Tucson a lot lately. Eat amazing tamales, drive to the top of Mt Lemmon to watch the sun set over the city from 8,000+ ft up, go to beautiful Saguaro National Park, take the tour through the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base boneyard, drive bout an hour away to Tombstone for the gun fight at the OK Corral...
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