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  1. Now as for the missile base, it was used up until they opened the new Rafes Urban Astronomy Center in 2007. The lights from C.H. Collins Athletic Complex on Loop 288 introduced too much light pollution. That and the place was literally falling apart. I took astronomy lab classes there from 2003-2005 and the classroom was the old guardhouse, the building at the top closest to the road in the photo below. It had barely functioning A/C and barely had enough space for a lab class. Parking was a nightmare. I loved it. I thought that was the most badass place at all of UNT.
  2. rick@rjy.com Or just scream " HEY YEATTS!!!!!!" from near the sideline at the next game. Also I may be able to swing some stuff since it's for hanging in the field house at Guyer...
  3. If Wren gets Syracuse to come to Apogee someone's gonna have to get the defibrillator for Vito.
  4. Look we already can't get SMU to play us where we want...
  5. Not on the phone. I ended up having to Google it for the Bethune-Cookman game because I couldn't find the link to the listen live page from the kntu.com homepage. KNTU needs a big ol huge LISTEN LIVE button right smack dab on the front page.
  6. We done gone over We went over that right after it was built/installed. The pedestrian bridge is owned by TXDOT and is part of the I-35 right-of-way and has to something blah blah blah conform to bridge standards yadda yadda yadda. Bottom line of it was TXDOT owns it and controls what happens with it and UNT/City of Denton/Denton County have no control over customizing it, whether that be painting it or lighting or whatever, despite the fact that it's smack dab in the center of Mean Green Country. Also, Green Light to Greatness died an undignified death soon after Smatresk arrived.
  7. We need the battle flag on the backs of our helmets. I just dug through photos from 2001-2011, and we added Stars and Stripe to the back of our helmets in 2010 and they've been there since. But I think we should put the Battle Flag back there instead. We need a personalized touch back there, like a bunch of others do. UT has a burnt orange outline of Texas with a star where Austin is: Baylor has a Texas outline too but with the BU in there: Miami ripped off Texas: Ole Miss gone and done the same thing too: WVU make their state shape solid, just like their breakfast biscuits: Michigan State has an outline of wherever the hell they're from and it even has a little hat: South Carolina has the state flag and Ol Glory back there: We just need a small touch. Just the Battle Flag, no Texas outline or anything. We also don't need to go full Simple Jack like Tech did... Though bonus points for that dude for going full Dead Presidents face under there.
  8. The camera adds 10, and the cameras i was holding weighed about 15 so that's at least 25. Add the beard and BAM, I look like shit.
  9. I only just now got around to watching these and finally saw that @filmerj and I have cameos in the first episode! He's at 4:40 and I'm at 4:50 and 5:44. And now I'm gonna go cry because I look so fat.
  10. Our helmet game is weak. Time to ramp it up.
  11. You got a little ketchup splatter on the wall behind your TV bro.
  12. I just flashed back to October 2005. Oh and back on topic
  13. Tortilla-wrapped sausage on a stick
  14. Well good news then... At the SMU game I noticed Scrappy was looking like hell. Dirty, worn, his talons nearly falling off. Eugene Levy Scrappy is going to need to be replaced soon.
  15. It IS Florida... They could all get Zika this week and we play their third string pine-riders and come out with a W.
  16. Akunne was on the sideline last night. So was Marcus Trice. And McNulty, Derek Thompson and Nathan Tune. And so was this bad MoFo right here:
  17. I had to run upstairs mostly so I could grab my seat in the photographer workroom. I sat in the same place every season but last season, which may explain last season. Bad juju. That's one of my favorites. So is this
  18. Wife got an awesome job in Tempe. We couldn't say no. And since @golfingomezmoved to Tennessee I wasn't tied down anymore. :) So I'll be freelancing and driving an Uber unless the Arizona Republic decides they can't live without me. I've been on the sidelines for every UNT home game, except for the black jersey Dickey Finale, since the 2004 season. When I get back home I'm gonna make a count of just how many pictures I've taken in that time. No idea what it'll be but it's gonna be a big ass number. But don't fret: My final assignment for the DRC will be a football game in Denton, at Apogee Stadium on September 3rd! Oh at @Cerebus, that was my first and only New Orleans Bowl but the fourth overall. The "we"s in that sentence all know you are.
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