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  1. Just FYI, Brett and I were told that the green club level seats are almost the same the seats they have at the Ranger's Ballpark.
  2. The grandstands are curved for a good reason. They allow fans to be as close as possible to the game while still allowing enough room for ESPN's camera platform to move along the sideline.
  3. Chancellor's blastoff against K-State was epic. And Chico trying to keep up with him was almost just as awesome. The DRC had a great picture of it. http://gallery.pictopia.com/denton/gallery/23353/photo/9313588/?o=15
  4. I could see us playing Iowa State on a regular basis thanks to Coach Mac. Don't easily discount some of the soft-place-in-the-heart connections in college football, like UNT and Kansas State. Yeah we did a Home and Home with them but if it weren't for UNT being the only team that Bill Snyder beat when he took over at K-State in '89, they probably wouldn't have agreed to the deal. K-State beating UNT was their turnaround, and they didn't forget that. They gave us a huge "Thank You, we remember you" by being our last opponent at Fouts and sending it out to pasture with a hell of a game. (We also have Chico to thank for that, but that is for a different thread).
  5. Our men's basketball uniforms have been the same since the 06-07 season and are nearly identical to those of Duke, with some small differences and a different maker. On the Wilson website the style is actually called "Duke". So we do use an off-the-shelf uniform design, but with our own font. Interesting observation: We started wearing the Duke style uniforms after Quincy Williams' brother Sheldon graduated from Duke. The men's practice jerseys are Nike and have a cool design on the back that looks like a net.
  6. Wow, Urban Meyer gave a plug to my hometown and laid the smack down on the pronunciation! A lot of you will recognize Humble as Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson's hometown. And former UNT offensive lineman Lonnie Chambers. The Notre Dame connection he's talking about is Pro Bowl defensive end Bertrand Berry, who retired from the Arizona Cardinals after the 2009 season. His mom just recently retired as a teacher at Humble High after a few decades. She was my economics teacher. He bought her an Escalade when they first came out, but she still drove a beat up old S-10 a lot of the time to remind herself of where she came from.
  7. http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/ Brett Vito: Your Complete Guide to UNT everything Brett apparently has been busting his butt chasing recruits around and has been posting almost daily updates on the blog. Problem is that stuff gets lost in all the basketball game live blogging stuff. You have to go back through and look for recruiting stuff.
  8. Safeway Bowl every year in the Cotton Bowl during the Fair? I likes the sound of that
  9. No. 3 squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force uses a variation on the SOW on the tails of some of their F/A-18s.
  10. Actually if you look closely in Freebirds, there is a hidden "NT" in the broken concrete chunks behind the exploding chopper. And they at least painted it green and white with an eagle on it.
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