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  1. Probably moved UNT forward as an institution more than any other president.
  2. Heck, do you think Riley Dodge regrets backing out of playing WR at Texas to play for his dad here? (God those were awful days)
  3. I would hold off on this projection until the end of the season
  4. things never said to me in high school
  5. unfortunately our team also crapped the bed in non con too...
  6. Made great hires early on but lack of adjustments, missed development, and poor OC hires post Harrell kind of doomed him. A nice change of pace from Mac and Dickey, just wish he was out selling the program more when he was here
  7. I'm wondering if he's co-OC if the salaries are split too i also think he stays put for awhile. SEC OC gigs dont come by often
  8. What was the contract? ill say this, Fertitta and co definitely got the basketball hire right.
  9. How much is he making as an analyst? Bet he's waiting out a P5 OC gig.
  10. Does he wait next year for Aranada to slip and Baylor to be open? Maybe Arkansas?
  11. Holgo had a background in Texas with his time at Tech. I think Houston paid more too. Also the Houston president said "We fire people at 8-4".... and Holgo only hit that once.
  12. In Summary: Division 1 College coaching gigs are pretty sweet deals $$ wise Also, remember when we paid our HEAD COACH $150k?
  13. Hey Seth pocketed a couple of million off of Mason Fine.....
  14. I remember his face after we blew the Ohio game in OT..... could've been 2-0. Was downhill from there
  15. difference is dodge's first couple of teams weren't remotely competitive
  16. Talk about a couple of bounces changes the season..... 4 one possession losses.... switch those up and you're 9-1
  17. Got it. So there's a plan, per se, but it seems like it's a long way off
  18. For those in the know academically, could this be a way for us to build a long term plan to get into the AAU?
  19. It is wild how different of a university academically we are from when I started in 06. Our football program on the other hand.....
  20. I mean we got front page on the DMN when he got hired. "Enter the dragon" was the caption then we lost to OU by 69 points
  21. I see a lot of potential here. the coaching staff just needs to realize that games start in the first half
  22. his health had been failing for awhile
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