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  1. Uhhhhh he shit the bed pretty bad in almost every game that was a big game
  2. the fighting jared mosley's 20 F_directional_u- 19
  3. True but they are 200 spots ahead of us in their national rankings. People's perception of us is changing for the better.
  4. As much as it pains me to see SMU leave us after a year, there's nothing we can do about it. Money talks. Money allows you to take huge swings like what SMU is doing. Seems like academics plays a bit too. While we've certainly gotten better, do people think of us as an academic school in the vain they might of Texas, A&M, Rice or SMU?
  5. Not necessarily. All the FCS games were HBCUs... those alumni are dialed in and actively seek out those watching opportunities. . That Jackson State game was particularly high 1. Because it was on ESPN and 2. everyone is curious how JSU does post deion
  6. Think this is important to note here. Also having it be a blowout didnt help.
  7. lololololololololololololol i hope we keep this bit going even as he gets into the corporate world.
  8. schedule hasn't come out has it? A shame if this is the case... good matchups between us
  9. Soccer is great but part of me feels theyve hit a plateau
  10. This is my entire years of North Texas fandom and this is accurate, save for a few outliers (navy game, 06 smu, 2011 59-0 game where Dunbar goes off, 2013 rice) between the nut kicks during that time that were north Texas football and dallas cowboys football (not to mention 06, 07 Mavs, 2011 rangers and 2010 fc dallas) it’s a wonder I was able to have a kid.
  11. I wouldn’t say it didn’t work, as we went from absolute trash to teetering on mediocrity. I do want to know the difference between Morris’s scheme and ability to develop vs littrell. It’s clear he has more personality, but of scheme and development aren’t much different then we’re just burning money. I do understand that this is earles first ever start but that defense leaks more than the titanic as for judging Moseley, be patient. I’m confident in his other hires. Hodge was a no brainer and Burton knows how to program build long term (also mosely is a basketball guy as is….) I can’t judge on some of the other sports
  12. Yeah I’m much more concerned about this. They ran alllll over us.
  13. Fair. Other than that though, what else in the last ten years (hod bowl 2013?)
  14. Eric morris is not Deion sanders. Deion is a very, very unique coach. I like many am more concerned about our general lack of competitiveness when we’re playing on national tv. When’s the last time we had a good showing to a national audience?
  15. What made yall think Morris would be any different from Littrell besides personality? They come from the same exact coaching tree.
  16. Cal @ UNT L UNT @ FIU W UNT @ LaTech W ABIL @ UNT W UNT @ Navy L Temple @ UNT W UNT @ Tulane L MEMP @ UNT L UTSA @ UNT L UNT @ SMU L UNT @ Tulsa W UAB @ UNT L 5-7. Counting down to bball season though.
  17. Those balls are pretty awesome. That pulled pork sandwich he had was great too. All MG fans should make a pit stop at Tony's.
  18. Cal is huge, but if we do our part and win, every home game becomes bigger during the season
  19. Rumor has it that Judy is "kicking the tires" on NCTC to capture the Dallas media market
  20. I dont know about you, but on pork chop Friday's I can get out of Perry's under $100 easy.....
  21. I think we know how good they are year in and year out. The issue is taking that next step (aka scoring 1 goal in the ncaa tournament, beating a bigger team)
  22. Something tells me if theyre willing to pay 200 mil to get in and fork over any revenue, theyre ok with the exit fees
  23. I get that he's a big conservative, but some of his speakers I'm like "Really?" some of these people aren't relevant at all. Just going through the past speakers I'm are any of them actually relevant? (besides Jerry)
  24. don't you have to make a reasonable effort to get a similar coaching job though? I think thats why Chad Morris had to leave Allen
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