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  1. MeanGreenDadx2

    K State hires NDSU coach to be new HC

    Obviously, Seth didn't accept that job based on salary. He is willing to wait for the right opportunity for him. In the mean time, he is our coach. Perhaps there was other factors such as being forced to retain certain coaches or something else but money whipping him did NOT encourage him to take the job. GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  2. If I remember correctly, they will not have a raising ceremony but will acknowledge the accomplishment by recognizing the banner. And the team has already received their championship rings.
  3. Coach said yes they will put up a banner but it will not be made into a big deal. He said now the emphasis is on making NCAA tournament.
  4. MeanGreenDadx2

    Apogee After Dark

    This is why the MWC has basically cut ties with the networks. The scheduling hurt attendance and MWC was tired of having game times dictated to them for a much decreased amount of money.
  5. MeanGreenDadx2

    NCAA should pay student athletes

    I believe the capitalist model would include pay for performance. The more you contribute to the bottom line (winning?) the more pay you receive. Catch a touchdown pass, receive a bonus or pay for position. Or perhaps pay for perceived value versus other players at the same position. Universities could setup a draft to sign players then pay based on which round they were drafted. Alternately pay players based on a socialist system. Everyone receives the same pay regardless of sport, position, gender, P5 or G5, wealth of the university, etc. Endless debate on the pay. And by the way, get an education. Then charge the athletes for tuition, room and board, books and fees.
  6. MeanGreenDadx2

    He's right...

    Probably closer to a pond of red.
  7. MeanGreenDadx2

    Something really important the Tailgating Menu

    Cheap beer.
  8. MeanGreenDadx2

    Arkansas game seating

    Arkansas, where the family tree is a vine.
  9. MeanGreenDadx2

    NCAA Significantly Changes Kickoff Rules

    The receiving team can still attempt to return the kick by not signaling a fair catch.
  10. MeanGreenDadx2

    Can You Believe This Sh@# !?

    Dilly dilly
  11. MeanGreenDadx2

    Thank Goodness We Built Apogee &

    If UH has such a great athletic program then why did the Big12 turn thumbs down on your application to join. They evaluated UH along with other schools and decided you and the rest did not have near enough to bring to the Big12 party. And even several high placed Texas politicians could not sway the decision.
  12. MeanGreenDadx2

    Thank Goodness We Built Apogee &

    But they are in the Sour 17.
  13. MeanGreenDadx2

    Mercer (3/19/18)

    Just picked up my ticket at the ticket office and they said the attendance number in the box score was an error. They said the attendance was north of 2,000.
  14. MeanGreenDadx2

    Wren Baker on Money Games

    Maybe North Carolina and/or UCF are looking to keep their travel costs down.