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  1. Anybody know witch Denton ISD Middle School is doing the live video stream for ESPN+ today?
  2. KNTU would play lab band recordings but probably not enough of them. Recently, it did not sound like there were many new DJ’s or newer content. I always felt that KNTU should have carried more regularly scheduled live lab band shows on air. If you listed to the big UNT Centennial Live broadcasts, you would know just how great that would be for the school, station and all students involved. Get an old school antenna and turn it away from Cedar Hill (where most stations broadcast towers are located) and turn it North as the KNTU tower is North of Denton. Connect it to you FM stereo receiver. I can work great. Yes, to protect KEOM in Mesquite. Most stations broadcast in every direction, but KNTU broadcast direction map looks more like Pacman about to eat Garland/Mesquite. I listen to 91.7 sometimes as well. But, do we need another one? No. The students and Jazz issue has always been there. I appreciate even more now that when I became a KNTU DJ as a student 30 years ago, I got to know much more great music in another genre. There is much I do not like, but there is a bunch of good stuff still in my music library. Most people don’t realize how many media professionals started at KNTU. I am quite sure this was a big factor. I hope the playlist improves because I have been listening to It for days now and I am not a big fan so far. It sounds way too much like all of the other bad commercial radio stations all over DFW with no real people spinning records (or hitting the play button).
  3. It happens on TV all of the time.
  4. Pre-game is on 88.1 over the air right now. Delayed tip off to 8pm.
  5. Editing? What editing? This looks like a really bad/low quality video web stream recording with a lot of lost data packets causing these "edits". Also, what is this horrible audio quality? Did the local middle school audio club run audio on this press conference?
  6. 100% agree with you two. I first met Bud in 1986 and was lucky enough to work with him over many years. He was very pro-student, an encourager, and a great mentor. His radio and TV knowledge was vast. But, it was his musicology that was impressive - and his recored collection. RIP my old friend. https://www.facebook.com/groups/491097962298362
  7. He means payout level. SMU has a long and proven history of paying their players more.
  8. Our defense is safe from the spread of COVID-19. They did the best job of all teams for their social distancing efforts last week. Must be an issue with our offense.
  9. Don’t disrespect the Southland Conference to this degree please.
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