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  1. gruu

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    Marshall70 Old Dominion67
  2. Complete embarrassment today. A no bowl game season would have been better.
  3. So out played and coached today. Mostly out coached.
  4. 4 non-Fine INT's today, such High school. Nobody prepared to play but the starters...
  5. I was about to type just this...
  6. Our coaches need to donate their pay this month to the scholarship fund.
  7. We have high school coaches today...
  8. gruu

    8 team playoff gaining traction

    < 16 = more BS
  9. Charlotte 27, FAU 24 Final
  10. Charlotte 24, FAU 24 4th 1:04 Charlotte ball
  11. Charlotte 24, FAU 21 4th 5:30
  12. Please don't insult high school production crews by comparing the ODU broadcast to them. Some middle schools may be offended.
  13. gruu

    Camera Crew for ODU

    That was ODU camera crew. All on ODU and probably their lack of any real budget.
  14. gruu

    Game televised?

    Stream working:;categoryId=0f8e3d42-fa27-3f60-9e8d-276e4892f50e&amp;id=3437573