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  1. Well, UNT spread the losses out, so there wasn't a need for 5 wins in a row to get to Frisco. So there's that. And to be fair, they -did- get to the championship game this season, which is a greater accomplishment than recent results.
  2. Gah. Frisco again? Another blow-out-bowl with Seth. The players may not opt out, but the fans likely will.
  3. Tonight I watched a fine football game. It was a hard fought battle, with big plays on each side of the ball. Some unexpected heroes, great coaching, good halftime adjustments, and time management battles that went down to literally the last minute. Malakoff beat Grandview to advance to the State semifinals. Friday night is for high school football. UNT should remember that in the future. Fortunately, I'm certain the AAC won't be chained to such a schedule.
  4. I wish Wren well in his new journey. While I wish he'd been more decisive about Seth, at the time of the original extension, given what we knew at the time, it was the right call. Wren was instrumental in moving out of C-USA. That alone was a tremendous achievement. Nobody could expect a G5 AD not to take a good P5 spot if the opportunity comes around. I hope the next AD here can build on the successes.
  5. Thank you. It figures that CBSSN is one that I don't get in my streaming packages
  6. Any news on the broadcast? I didn't find anything on the CUSA champion game page. Wikipedia says CBSSN, but that's always suspect
  7. Well. Good for the team. But darn it, am I going to have to forgive Seth's sins now?
  8. The Mean Green is ahead, but it doesn't feel like they are winning
  9. One thing you can always count on -- UNT will have a good punt game
  10. 109 years ago today, the North Texas State Normal football team took the field for the first time when they played TCU. It was a rainy day , and TCU shut out North Texas on a 13-0 final score. North Texas was coached by J.W. Pender and TCU was coached by Fred Cahoon. Here's to 5 fabulous seasons of UNT football!
  11. I'm a simple fan. All I ask is that North Texas become the Alabama of the G5
  12. MWC is going to come apart when the PAC(12-6) comes calling.
  13. What do I view as success? Winning record and bowl eligible. #hit6 should be a bare minimum, not a stretch goal. Win conference championships on a regular basis. This is more important than the Participation Bowl in Fresno or whatever. Make UNT a place I don't have to apologize for. Position for P5 when the ACC comes apart
  14. The line is currently Bye -13
  15. The Mean Green, led by Seth Littrell Went to Birmingham to give 'em hell. A win against a very sad team Will clinch a conference game dream! So he coached the Eagles to a 20-point fail.
  16. Welp. Ok. But hey, there's always that Bahama Bowl . . .
  17. To me, the thought of Yet Another SMU Game, in a different place, is not that exciting. The whole point of bowl games should be to play the teams you don't normally see.
  18. That's not distracting at -all-
  19. There but for the grace of God go us. The AAC didn't take us on the strength of the football team. We could have easily been stuck along with LaTech and WKU playing Kennesaw State on Tuesdays.
  20. UNT killed the parade during the Covid scare and used that as an excuse to not bother again. If the school doesn't care about school spirit, why should I?
  21. UTSA is not a rival. It's just a conference member. If we weren't both moving to the AAC would anyone -want- to continue to schedule the game? No. And that's the difference between competition and rivalry.
  22. She should have tried for the flagship University of Kennesaw. Aim High!
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