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  1. Following such greats as Todd Dodge, Darrell Dickey, and Dan McCarney. I hope Morris can reverse a 30 40-year trend . . .
  2. They're leaving and had nothing positive to say on the way out. I'm glad they get a lousy bowl. And it appears that SMU is jumping from one G5 conference to another 🙂
  3. Pathetic. FSU did EVERYTHING they were supposed to do, and some SEC bootlickers just couldn't live without their whiny conference. ACC joins AAC as a G5 . . .
  4. With Delaware joining CUSA, 33 teams have changed or will change conferences since the OU/UT action. That's about a quarter of FBS teams (including those moving up) You can also figure about another 6-8 when 2PAC works itself out after 2025.
  5. This is the horrid mindset that has mired North Texas in mediocrity for a century now. We are a top-4 size university in a football-crazy state. The 80s and 90s damaged the brand terribly, but that was 30 years ago. UCF didn't even have a football program 30 years ago. App State has gone from FCS to national visibility in under a decade. Liberty is a TOP 20 team, and has only been in FBS since 2018. Everyone else can improve. Why, oh why, do UNT fans accept .500 (or less!) football as a goal?
  6. Honestly, 5-7 was well above my prediction for this season. Good for the Mean Green.
  7. Those of us who were there in 2018 know to never trust a kicker.
  8. I wonder if we can snag him? He seems to have the skill set appropriate to our expectations
  9. So much for the early December bowl loss. I'm disappointed.
  10. I guess they didn't. I was confused by the "watch on ESPNEWS and the app" bug they put on the screen.
  11. Did ESPN2 just dump the game? Who the heck subscribes to ESPNEWS?
  12. I'm just waiting for someone to tell me this is the fans' fault for not donating more money.
  13. Dunno man, there's some really good high school football happening tonight.
  14. And never mind. Rogers needs to learn to hang on to that ball.
  15. Dodged another bullet with that fumble/incomplete call. SMU is about 2 penalty calls and 2 dropped passes from blowing us out.
  16. Well -- we're not down 30 at the half. That's a *very* good change.
  17. Keeping the point spread close. I'd love to see SMU fall to UNT on the last game.
  18. Just had a popup on ESPN2 that the kickoff is at 8:10 (our time)
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