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  1. The current leader in irony is the "Mean" Green 😉
  2. Interestingly, the agreement specifically required keeping that number secret from UNT. https://sm2media.com/31214/news/usm-paid-1-75-million-to-exit-c-usa/ The University of Southern Mississippi paid $1.75 million to Conference USA as “Consideration Paid to the Conference for Early Withdrawal” according to an agreement document obtained by the USM Student Media Center today. The “Confidential Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release” was signed on March 29 by the presidents of USM, Marshall University and Old Dominion University, the three schools that left C-USA.
  3. The other programs -know- they are struggling. We just came off a bowl game year. So there's no struggle, right? /s
  4. I suspect I've watched a LOT more UNT football than you have.
  5. If we're going to lose by 30 we should at least get paid.
  6. I think you underestimate the amount of bad luck that North Texas can attract.
  7. I still like limericks 🙂 There still is a team from Old Denton Whose season hopes are now slippin' They were thoroughly smacked By Rebel QB and backs We hope the conference swap ain't stricken
  8. We're still undefeated in conference . . . so there's that.
  9. I'm sorry, just couldn't find a way to be serious about this thread 🙂
  10. I suspect the AAC is looking for loopholes in our contract right now.
  11. Well. I suppose we will be bumping this thread next week too.
  12. 100,000 watt college-owned radio station, and I need to install Yet Another Spyware Application on my phone, and then try to use that to listen to the game in my truck -- which has a radio? "Just do it my way" is never the answer.
  13. Frankly, claiming that KNTU and KHYI have the same coverage is a lie. Just try listening to both in the Denton area. The college radio station needs to be playing the college football (and basketball) games. I say that as a RTVF major myself, and former record spinner at the station. Someone needs to nut up and fix this. The rest of it sounds ok, if it actually happens.
  14. We will never raise our profile playing the backmarkers.
  15. For those with Roku it is an installable channel
  16. I didn't realize that 95.3 was a replacement for KNTU, not an addition. The college radio station should be broadcasting the college football game. That's just basic functionality.
  17. Serious question -- who "owns" the cameras at Apogee? I noticed during the SMU game that the quality was poor compared to the previous game on CBSSN (UTSA). I thought maybe CBS was responsible, but today the game looks just as bad on ESPN3. The sideline cameras aren't bad, but the main camera is located way down on the 25, and is fuzzy. Is UNT responsible for these feeds? If so, we need to step up and get decent equipment. There's no excuse for having broadcasts worse than the regional high schools.
  18. UNT looking good against a team the HAVE to look good against. Hopefully this helps the Mean Green stabilize before conference play.
  19. This is indeed the future for the PAC 12, but there's real value in the name. Certain conferences are written into the NCAA rules as being more than equal, and the PAC 12 is one of them. So regardless of membership, it remains a "P5" conference. Much like the Big 12. SMU (and UNT) hopes for a P5 berth run through a raided PAC 12 right now.
  20. Facilities don't win games. North Texas is no better in Apogee than it was in Fouts.
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