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  1. It's a shame SEC Shorts is in off-season.
  2. https://fbschedules.com/sam-houston-hawaii-schedule-2024-2025-home-and-home-football-series/ Sam Houston State gets a home and home with Hawaii, and it's not in 2039 or whatever. How did they manage it?
  3. I'm been a Mean Green fan since 87. That's just experience talking. In fact, if you're looking at records since we returned to D1/BCS/(whatever) competition, 5-7 is overperforming. But it's mostly just having a bit of fun with the calendar.
  4. Sure, but you can go 7-9 and still be bowl eligible . . .
  5. https://sunbeltsports.org/news/2022/2/28/sun-belt-releases-2022-football-schedule-including-four-new-members.aspx So that's at least 2 games that we have a pretty decent shot to win . . .
  6. A State or one of its subsidiaries can invoke sovereign immunity (unless the case involves certain Constitutional rights, which wouldn't apply here). A public school is considered a state subsidiary. Texas A&M used immunity not too long ago to fend off angry Texas Wesleyan law school alumni.
  7. I'm sorry, but with over half of the teams in FBS going to a bowl every year, that's really not a good metric any longer. Back in the 70s when there were 15 bowl games, sure. These days, when the powers that be literally created the "Participation Ribbon Bowl" for us and didn't even bother to repaint the football field, bowl games mean little. How about winning records and conference championships?
  8. There's zero chance that this is our actual 2022 schedule.
  9. A 10-year plan for success would be a godsend for UNT. I've been a student or fan for 34 years and there's never (on-field) sustained success. It's been almost 20 years since we won a conference championship. (and no, low-end bowls are not "success", when there's 40+ of them. Bowl games meant something when they were rarities, not over half the teams in the NCAA)
  10. I feel like more North Texas folks need to watch the SEC Shorts series with Hope and Georgia. Know your enemy, folks. . .
  11. I don't think that's accurate, because OuT isn't moving until 2025 now and the Big 12 is picking up the new members in 2023 and 2024. Money talks, and if teams can afford the buyouts they'll head to the new leagues faster than announced.
  12. What I hope for: 8-4 What I expect #HitSix #EternalDenton #MysteryMeatBowl
  13. "Go Mean Green" for the athletic program "North Texas: where people end up" for the school itself 😉
  14. OOC is SMU, Texas Southern, UNLV, and Memphis. SMU is probably a loss based on history TSU should be a win UNLV and Memphis are both in down cycles So that's a pretty good shot at 3-1 in OOC -IF- UNT has a QB. That's a big "if". I can't find the CUSA schedule but I recall a prior discussion that said we should be on the weaker side of it this coming year. Anyone have details? Hope springs eternal but maybe a good season?
  15. I understand the need for the old-school goal markers, but I think they look good.
  16. Aune would be fine if our receivers were 8'6" tall
  17. Didn't look like a horsecollar on the replay. Fortunately defense held them to 3 after that. Miami QB looks strong but maybe not so accurate?
  18. I know most of y'all are there, but for those of us watching on TV -- here ya go.
  19. Would we be playing in the Gator Bowl against Wake Forest? Anyone know how we stacked in that APR process against Rutgers? GMG -- win that Frisco Bowl Classic!
  20. I think there's a big difference between basketball games (even tournaments) and a football bowl game. There's not going to be any State or city required lockdown by Thursday, so IMHO this show will go on.
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