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  1. for those who don't see the joke, Mississippi State is also maroon and white.
  2. What values are those? Public pajama bottoms and 2nd best food? I say no not due to any "I hate evangelists" viewpoint, but simply because there's enough competition in the AAC already. Let's prove we belong before inviting others.
  3. At this moment, there's no way to know who our rival will be. Rivals need shared history, and something from the 1900s doesn't count. 3-4 years of one team screwing up another's season, and we'll have a rivalry. Besides, the AAC feels like it's headed toward CUSA 4.0, and I strongly doubt the teams will be the same in a decade.
  4. 3-9 L Sep 2 (Sat) TBA Home California Denton, Texas (Apogee Stadium) L Sep 9 (Sat) TBA Away FIU Miami, Fla. W Sep 16 (Sat) TBA Away Louisiana Tech Ruston, La. W Sep 30 (Sat) TBA Home ACU Denton, Texas (Apogee Stadium) L Oct 7 (Sat) TBA Away Navy Annapolis, Md. W Oct 14 (Sat) TBA Home Temple Denton, Texas L Oct 21 (Sat) TBA Away Tulane New Orleans, La. L Oct 28 (Sat) TBA Home Memphis Denton, Texas (Apogee Stadium) L Nov 4 (Sat) TBA Home UTSA Denton, Texas (Apogee Stadium) L Nov 10 (Fri) TBA Away SMU Dallas, Texas L Nov 18 (Sat) TBA Away Tulsa Tulsa, Okla. Nov 25 (Sat) TBA Home UAB Denton, Texas (Apogee Stadium)
  5. Well, in all fairness the University only cares that they get paying customers. The most cost-effective students are the mediocre ones that don't get scholarships and that take several extra years to earn that degree. Extra points if the students don't require expensive equipment for the coursework. So maybe the advertising is perfectly targeted.
  6. It's a radical solution, but not an unreasonable one.
  7. The other aspect is that "rivalry week" (when did that become a thing?) tends to draw eyeballs to the marquee conferences. Why put the best games in the AAC against that juggernaut?
  8. I liked the 1995 schedule. But this one is definitely more winnable 🙂
  9. Maybe don't market the school to the pajama-pants-and-round-glasses crowd? But hey, we have the 2nd best food . . .
  10. The place was packed when we were going for 5-0 against LA Tech (and damn, that blocked FG still hurts). There was finally a buzz in the local media about North Texas. People want to be associated with winners. UNT has never had a tradition of winning in football. MBB is a bit better, but there's so many games that it's easy to see why people don't necessarily make it a highlight of the week. The rest of the sports listed by the OP will always struggle with attendance in Texas. Frankly, the average college student (or alumni, or town resident) doesn't and will never care about soccer, softball, WBB, track, etc. Those sports are required to exist but shouldn't be a consideration when it comes to major sports marketing. 3 college sports matter: football, men's basketball, and baseball. We've never been great in the first two (Purdue not withstanding) and the third doesn't exist. Just WIN, baby.
  11. -Every- conference change for UNT has been into a conference that wasn't what we thought it would be. Given our history, it's stunning that North Texas isn't getting the PAC invite. Seems the universe is missing a golden opportunity to laugh again . . .
  12. True, a food truck isn't the split-level, smoke-filled, bemuraled home that is the Tomato-that-was, but as long as I can get a Baby Stuffed I'm good. Heck, I drove to freaking Sanger for those
  13. Official The Big 12 announces that the Conference has agreed in principle to terms with the University of Oklahoma and The University of Texas at Austin to leave the Conference following the 2023-24 athletic year, one year earlier than originally announced, subject to final approval from the OU and UT governing Boards. Compensation to the Conference for the early withdrawals of the two schools totals $100 million in foregone distributable revenues, which OU and UT will be able to partially offset with future revenues. https://big12sports.com/news/2023/2/9/conference-big-12-announces-agreement-for-withdrawal-of-oklahoma-and-texas.aspx
  14. If it happens, it will be a big deal for SMU. Congratulations for them. If it were happening to UNT, the PAC12 would be a shining city on a hill, with nothing but adventure and treasure ahead.
  15. Cal really isn't that good, even though it's a name. 9 wins combined in the last 2 years, and only 1 in 2020 (but that was a weird year in the PAC12). A win is definitely possible, and would grab headlines.
  16. I got the "reserve your spot for $50" email today (as I'm sure you all did as well). I've gone to some single games over the past few years. I've never looked at the season tickets. What do they cost? I tried looking on the MG athletic website but couldn't find them. I'm debating whether to get them, but probably can't make all the games. If it's a couple hundred OK, if it's several thousand not so much...
  17. State Club Flying Tomato Texas Pickup Swensen's Ice Cream The OG Chopsticks. They've gone downhill in the past couple of decades.
  18. That was a helluva game. I still have absolutely no idea what a targeting foul looks like.
  19. This is going to cause a lot of downvotes, and that's fine by me. I went to NTSU/UNT for many years and paid a LOT to get the degrees. I put in my time at an empty Fouts field in the rain and cold and hot watching the Mean Green gets its head beaten in over and over. Quite frankly, the lack of athletic success by UNT over the last century, and especially the last 30 years, has devalued my degrees and has devalued the prestige of being a UNT graduate. "Where did you go to college?" "North Texas" "Where is that?" You never get that reaction with A&M or Bama or Oregon. If anyone has heard of North Texas : UNT is a great <blank> school -- unless it involves sportsball. I've put in my time and money. Like most UNT alumni, I am waiting for the school to step up and be something to be proud of on Saturday. If someone thinks that I have to throw a bit of cash at a program to have an opinion -- jump in a lake.
  20. We've only lost 4 times against Alabama in our entire 109 year history. I'm comfortable with those odds.
  21. UNT is really stepping up. I guess they're taking the AAC change seriously.
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