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  1. Doesn't it take -both- sides caring to create a rivalry? I don't see utsa as anything other than an accidental conference neighbor.
  2. A very bad team is making our bad team look good. I fear too many folks are going to be fooled into high hopes for next week.
  3. Wow. Unfortunately, I don't see the "UNT destroys the dream" plotline working out for us.
  4. The last time Texas lost 5 in a row, there were only 48 states in the US.
  5. So are we playing well, or is USM just -that- terrible? Either way, a lead is a lead.
  6. I'm just very glad we're not sitting in Marshall's or LA Tech's seat right now. This could have easily gone bad for UNT
  7. We won that game in Austin. I was there. Worst officiating ever.
  8. It's real hard to get fired up about the Bobcats and Lumberjacks. I fear we'll be seeing a lot of Liberty over the next decade.
  9. I suspect OOC will be remaining CUSA teams
  10. So I signed up, received the confirmation and finished the process. When does the actual newsletter for this week arrive?
  11. Sometimes, then other camera angles show bright kelly green.
  12. Dear Seth: Straight up the middle isn't going to work. Sincerely, Everyone.
  13. Is it bad that I'm torn? I want the -team- to do well, but I don't want anything that might help Seth stick around.
  14. Apogee -was- full at 4-0 Curse you LATech.
  15. Yes, that's always confused me about the SMU-to-P5 tale. The only thing SMU has going for it was the fact they were in the SWC decades ago. The big schools blew apart that conference and haven't looked back. Maybe now that SMU can legally pay players they can revert to a powerhouse, but here's some perspective: I'm in my 50s, and SMU hasn't been a power since my high school days. They bring nothing more to the table than any other mid-major G5 team.
  16. Assuming a 2023 start, then this upcoming recruiting class is the start. We have to get a name coach that will inspire players to WANT to come here. That and lining up some sweet NIL deals for the guys who come here. Let's face it, with NIL and the transfer portal, there's essentially free agency in the NCAA
  17. Obviously we need a coach with P5 head coaching experience, preferably with a recent National Championship. Someone who would make a big splash in the media. I wonder who's available, or will be ready to un-retire in a few years that fits the bill?
  18. Sure didn't take DRC long to rewrite a twitter post into "real news".
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