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  1. Thank you. It figures that CBSSN is one that I don't get in my streaming packages
  2. Any news on the broadcast? I didn't find anything on the CUSA champion game page. Wikipedia says CBSSN, but that's always suspect
  3. Well. Good for the team. But darn it, am I going to have to forgive Seth's sins now?
  4. The Mean Green is ahead, but it doesn't feel like they are winning
  5. One thing you can always count on -- UNT will have a good punt game
  6. 109 years ago today, the North Texas State Normal football team took the field for the first time when they played TCU. It was a rainy day , and TCU shut out North Texas on a 13-0 final score. North Texas was coached by J.W. Pender and TCU was coached by Fred Cahoon. Here's to 5 fabulous seasons of UNT football!
  7. I'm a simple fan. All I ask is that North Texas become the Alabama of the G5
  8. MWC is going to come apart when the PAC(12-6) comes calling.
  9. What do I view as success? Winning record and bowl eligible. #hit6 should be a bare minimum, not a stretch goal. Win conference championships on a regular basis. This is more important than the Participation Bowl in Fresno or whatever. Make UNT a place I don't have to apologize for. Position for P5 when the ACC comes apart
  10. The line is currently Bye -13
  11. The Mean Green, led by Seth Littrell Went to Birmingham to give 'em hell. A win against a very sad team Will clinch a conference game dream! So he coached the Eagles to a 20-point fail.
  12. Welp. Ok. But hey, there's always that Bahama Bowl . . .
  13. To me, the thought of Yet Another SMU Game, in a different place, is not that exciting. The whole point of bowl games should be to play the teams you don't normally see.
  14. That's not distracting at -all-
  15. There but for the grace of God go us. The AAC didn't take us on the strength of the football team. We could have easily been stuck along with LaTech and WKU playing Kennesaw State on Tuesdays.
  16. UNT killed the parade during the Covid scare and used that as an excuse to not bother again. If the school doesn't care about school spirit, why should I?
  17. UTSA is not a rival. It's just a conference member. If we weren't both moving to the AAC would anyone -want- to continue to schedule the game? No. And that's the difference between competition and rivalry.
  18. She should have tried for the flagship University of Kennesaw. Aim High!
  19. Login problems kept me from commenting until now. Good game, Seth and team. Enough horsepower to overcome the times the defense gave up the long ball. I was amused by the announcers statistic: "UNT is undefeated under Seth when scoring more that 45 points." One would certainly hope so, but then again, I was at North Texas vs. Navy in 2007 . . . I do wish they'd quit hyping the "streak of conference wins". It's true, but CUSA is NOT the BIG or SEC. Onward, to what looks like Seth in the AAC in 23
  20. As much as I want to see Seth go, I think this is a UNT win. 31 - 10
  21. A conference game vict'ry at home! Perhaps this team the coaches have honed? The occasional win won't forgive Seth's sin; He really should bring in The Stone
  22. Are you me? 😄 Though my 4th degree is from Texas A&M, so this year it looks like the Liberty Bowl . . . (yeah, I spent WAY too much time and money in college, and none of them were useful)
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