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  1. It's not the NCAA but the Justice Department that might do something. Or, NT get's sued by women students who feel they don't have equal opportunities in athletics. Fresno State is in the middle of a case brought by their former women's lacrosse team. Fresno won the first round - sort of, at least they didn't lose - but the case continues.
  2. I think that's it. They are broke, but they can't spend exit and entrance fees AND do the facilities upgrades they need to do. They had NOT been doing ongoing upgrades as we have. When realignment came, they weren't ready and you can't start a building program and then join a new conference. You need to have already built facilities when conference realignment happens. THAT was the reason we got passed over for CUSA by UTEP back in 2005 - according to multiple media reports CUSA needed ONE more member and it came down to UTEP, LaTech and NT. UTEP had the facilities and La Tech and NT didn't. This time around, the President of SMU and the Commissioner of the AAC both comment that NT didn't have to promise to upgrade facilities, we are already doing that continuously. Spending on facilities shows other schools commitment to athletics and that is what other University Presidents look for!
  3. Excellent analysis, @Zeleny' Orel. The team this year is no where near what anyone wants. Likewise, we're no where near the 1 win in a season team we were before Littrell took over. We are somewhere in the middle. If we hadn't lost six games in a row, likely there would not be as much angst among our fans. I'm glad I'm not the one trying to read the tea leaves. Coach Littrell has pull off a significant number of positives in the last six years. The same guy that got us to back to back nine win seasons for the first time EVER has a net losing record. When he got here, the standard of success would be to just get to a bowl game, any bowl game! Now, winning most of those is required. Make no mistake - even today's CUSA is far stronger than the SBC we left. And the AAC, even without Houston, Cincy and UCF is going to be far stronger than today's CUSA. A winning record is going to be tougher and tougher to achieve. The one thing that makes me feel positive is the guy making this decision is the one who started working toward conference realignment at LEAST 18 months before it started. A write "at least" because he had to have had things in the works before that to get approval to start when he did. Baker has shown he plans for the long term, not just one or two years. He showed that early when he kept Bedford because he couldn't get a replacement of the quality he wanted. He could have made a minor upgrade, but chose to wait and get a coach that was a huge upgrade. It has proven to be one of many excellent choices Baker has made. I trust him on the football coach decision as well.
  4. Nice article @Brett Vito. I'd forgotten it was just 3 years ago Littrell lead NT to back to back nine-win seasons for the first time in school history.
  5. Yes, he's hurt. It was going to be a gametime decision. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2021/11/13/22779667/jason-bean-injury-update-news-game-status-kansas-vs-texas
  6. Moving up to FBS when you aren't financially ready can have decades long effects. Just look at ULM for what could happen!
  7. Technically not until the end of the season.
  8. I never hope for an NT loss, no matter what the circumstances. If a win means Littrell might be back, so be it. I still want us to win and beat UTSA.
  9. If I'm a WKU fan, I'm REALLY going to hate MTSU if they mess up the move!
  10. Thanks for the information. This confirms what I thought - you CAN get yourself in trouble with too many transfers. Taking in a transfer with only one year left of eligibility counts the same as taking someone with 5 years including a red shirt year. A few is no problem, but you don't want more than 10 or 12 of your total 85 scholarship limit to be taken up by transfers. You also need to be careful to manage how much eligibly they have left. You don't want to end up with a group of over 25 that all use up their eligibility the same year or you will not be able to fill all the slots the next year. That can happen if you have a class with 20 kids that came in as freshmen, five juco players and then two transfers all using up eligibility at the same time. Playing with less than a full 85 scholarship athletes get very tough. While the transfer portal can be a great tool to fill a special need, over using it just like over using JUCO players will hurt a program in the long run.
  11. I'm curious about how the transfer portal works with regard to scholarship limits and the number of scholarships we can offer in any single year. I know that if you give too many scholarships to JUCO players, you get in trouble on your total scholarships as they are gone in just 2 years (generally) and scholarships per year and total are based on taking 5 years to play 4. With too many JUCO players, you can get to where you can't give the full 85 scholarships and once you get behind, it is really hard to catch back up. Please, someone that knows more about this, explain how the transfer portal works in relation to these limits. Or do the rules not apply to transfers?
  12. Is the Lotto a major part of your retirement plan?
  13. Tap the brakes there! Just because a QB enters the transfer portal does NOT make him a program changing QB. The realistic chances are closer to 10% of that.
  14. The entrance fee is about 3 years of media rights at $500k a year. They don't actually PAY anything, they just don't get the media rights money for 3 years. The $85k from the WAC is so low because the WAC doesn't have football at all at any level. The WAC had hoped to bring back football starting at the FCS level but that's now doubtful since they are losing some of their football playing members.
  15. I think she was referring to CUSA being an established FBS conference verses the WAC which is trying to become one. There are a LOT more steps for the WAC to move up as a conference and a lot more chances for failure. CUSA once they join CUSA with the declared intent to move up, they are good even if CUSA folds. That's what happened to UTSA and Texas State.
  16. This round realignment really has cause a lot of "we will never be in a conference with them" to go away. TAMU voted in favor of UT joining the SEC. A lot of their alumni are furious, but the administration said it was the right thing to do and was willing to overrule some alumni. The same thing happened when SMU'd administration supported NT into the AAC. Southern Miss looked around, analyzed the situation and realized joining the SBC really did make sense. ODU now has regional rivals which will help advance that program. The Mac showed they would expand for teams that fit will into their profile. A conference swallowed hard and said "yes" to a Fallwell-less Liberty. (I think the Falwells are out, not certain they are completely.) Once again, a conference is forced to take NMSU - that seems to be the only way they ever get into any conference. Lots of mixed feelings this time around, but I'm hearing more positives than negatives over all.
  17. The article is at least partially correct. Yes, realignment clearly has put ODU in a MUCH better place with regional opponents that will help build fan awareness that leads to more season ticket sales and more contributions to ODU. It's been proven over and over that regional conferences help member schools with that. Is the SBC stronger after realignment? Yes, it is stronger thanks to stronger divisions. Is the SBC stronger than either the MWC or the AAC? No, but does NOT mean they aren't stronger than they were before and their members are now in a better place than they were before.
  18. The bolded part is where you go off the rails. This is a long term contract so we aren't comparing to where the market IS but rather where it will be at the end of the contract. Furthermore, contracts for D1 AD and Head Coaches is more than just what the individual that happens to have the job is paid, but also what a University believes the JOB TITLE is worth. Beyond that, salaries for those jobs also project the seriousness with which a university takes those job titles. The AAC commissioner commented that NT was the only one of the candidates that didn't promise to invest more in athletics, but rather showed it HAD increased its investment in athletics. The President of SMU made a similar statement. These kinds of contracts signal we will continue to increase our investment in athletics. In other words, these contracts show we aren't just "happy to be in the AAC," but are willing to spend the money to improve our position in the AAC and the world of college athletics in general. You keep writing about football being our "most important area." That is somewhat true, but doesn't tell the whole story. In order to HAVE football at ALL, we must must sponsor a minimum of 16 varsity intercollegiate teams (including football), with at least six men's or coeducational teams and at least eight all-female teams. Across all sports, each FBS school must offer at least 200 athletic scholarships (or spend at least $4 million on athletic scholarships) per year. A university MUST have all the other sports BEFORE they can have football! So, does Baker's new contract make financial sense? Of course it does unless one is opposed to moving up in the world of college athletics!
  19. Kellen Moore isn't going to drop down from the NFL to coach TCU. And there is no way in Hell the TCU alumni would pay to fund Deion Sanders!
  20. Does Wren’s new contract make financial sense? Yes, it does. The reasons are too numerous to list but we can start with we’re moving to the AAC. Anyone that complained about CUSA shouldn’t be questioning his new contract.
  21. Great article on why K State, Tennessee, and a number of other schools passed on hiring Gary Patterson through the years. And it seems he really, truly, wanted to go to K State which is his alma mater. Basically, he’s a walking PR disaster that should never be allowed to talk to the press and the alumni. He hates the transfer portal. He very tough on his players which in today’s world hurts recruiting over all, though some players do like that. The article does suggest he would make someone a great DC. The Dallas Morning News - KEVIN SHERRINGTONPatterson truly is one of a kind https://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?artguid=8eb991c6-a21b-4595-b790-a345e4744012
  22. I was just looking over what was the main La Tech fan board. (It appears there is now a second board which has further split their fans.) Their AD was on the radio and said they had contacted EVERY other FBS conference, repeated, and no one is going to invite them and thus they are going to be in CUSA for a number of years more.
  23. With the addition of the 4 new schools, CUSA will be around as a conference for a while yet. Yes, they WILL collect the exit fees. I don't see how they can maintain being a FBS conference, but a multisport conference with an autobid to the NCAA basketball and other post season tournaments is likely.
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