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  1. @Brett Vito if you sign up right now for the newsletter, do you get this weeks edition or does it start next week? Thanks!
  2. I agree whole heartedly with this. I was a freshman moving snow out of my spot on the bleachers at Fouts so I could watch Bobby Bowden's Florida State team squeak out a victory over the Mean Green. Something Grand didn't mention is the exponentially greater publicity and coverage of North Texas compared to the 70s, 80s, 90s or even the 00s. Being in a conference with other Texas teams is unbelievably important and helps us even beyond athletics. Before we were in CUSA, if you didn't live in DFW you had to do a Google search to find ANY information about North Texas. Now we get at least some mentions in every media market in Texas.
  3. I found this part of the article interesting, "“I’ll let you read between the lines,” Thompson said. “We had weekly, if not bi-weekly, if not quite daily conversations, with both our partners, CBS and Fox, and we got great input from them as to the media value of particular institutions and markets.” I'm sure the AAC was doing the same thing with their expansion committee. We have the answer as to why there are six members joining - it takes all six of the new schools to yield enough eyeballs to make the media contracts work. That also shows why it's unlikely a defection of just one or two schools from the AAC to the MWC is very unlikely for the short term - there isn't a pair schools that will move the media dollars enough to matter.
  4. I know in just a few hours I'm going from "P6 is ridiculous" to "We're P6."
  5. And THAT is a huge reason SMU doesn't want us in. Even their own fans admit if we are in the same conference we are going to get better recruits than we do now and better recruits will make it more likely we will catch them.
  6. Good article find by Coach Andy Mac. I've see several "the grapes were sour anyway" messages on both the La Tech board and the CUSA board.
  7. Yes, they are paired with Wichita State which is an "everything except football" member.
  8. This certainly looks very good from NT's point of view. In Texas we're trading UTEP for SMU - I don't care how much you might hate SMU that is a very clear upgrade! In the rest of the west we're trading La Tech and Southern Miss plus losing UAB in the division for Memphis, Tulane and Tulsa. Again, there is no way that's not an upgrade. As for the dollars, I heard of total media dollars thru the CUSA were actually a little under $750k - the $500k doesn't include all of it. The new AAC will get us a starting amount of $2MM that will "grow substantially of the course of the current media contract." Meanwhile, the current AAC members will still average $7MM a year thru the end of the deal in 2032. I think the difference is our entry fee into the conference. Generally, schools don't actually write a check for entry fees, they are paid thru delays in conference revenue. As for the Mountain West really wanting to expand into Texas or anywhere in the Central Time Zone, I've got to ask why? Remember why the Mountain West was formed in the first place - the BYU, Utah, CSU, Wyoming and AFA big donors wanted to play each other every year and didn't care about any thing else the WAC16 had to offer. They walked away from more money then. It appears AFA and CSU listened to the offer from the AAC, but decided they still liked the MWC better. I don't think any school would join the MWC without at least one other team with the possible exception of UTEP. But there is no pair of teams in CUSA or the AAC that would add enough to the revenue pie to keep it equal to what it is now. Plus, any AAC team would be paying fees and reduced revenue for a few years for what is at best a lateral move that multiple sports writers point out would significantly increase their travel costs and time. Will the Big XII poach two more in a couple of years? Maybe, but if there were two more schools that clearly moved the needle the Big XII would already have taken them. And if the Big XII decided to take two more, are Memphis and SMU a better fit than Boise and SDSU? It's far from a certainly that the AAC would take the full hit. That is IF there actually is one which based on everything I read is far from certain. This is a great deal folks and better than some offer from the MWC that is extremely unlikely to come anytime soon.
  9. Interesting, but that's a REALLY old article. A lot's changed since 2019.
  10. First of all, you need at least eight Presidents to remove Judy. Changing Smatresk does nothing to get an additional seven. Second and more importantly, the BOR is NOT going to change University Presidents over a conference commissioner. Maybe conferences commissioner and a dozen additional, non-sports issues; but not the possibility of a chance of changing over a conference commissioner.
  11. When a majority of the university Presidents are convinced a conference commissioner is needs replacing, they are very quickly. Bowlsby is hated by Big XII fans but no school is seriously talking of dumping him. Karl Benson was hated by fans of the WAC and the Sunbelt, but he still managed to retire without at least appearing to have been forced out. The PAC-12 Presidents lost confidence in Larry Scott last fall and it was announced he was leaving last January. BTW, the new Pac-12 commissioner has very little sports experience and a TON of media background!
  12. Found it. Not sure why it was in page 2 of the listings but I found it.
  13. Is the game on ESPN +? I'm there and don't see it listed anywhere.
  14. Who else applied? She could have been the best available. And, the Commissioner is generally hated by the fans of almost every conference. Commissioners don't work for the fans, they follow the instructions of the Presidents. As soon as the Presidents aren't happy, they are gone.
  15. How many markets have more than one FBS school? I know DFW has 3 and Houston has 2. Miami might have 3, but I'm not sure about that. I really don't know. I'm not directly working in the industry anymore, but my friends who are tell me the most important this is "how many subscribers can a school generate," followed closely by "how many total eyeballs." No G5 schools "deliver" a major market, even very few P5 schools can deliver most of any given major market. The question no matter what the conference is how many subs and how many eyeballs is NT actually going to drive?
  16. THIS! Dfw is the 4th or 5th TV market (we keeping going back and forth with Philly). We have to show We can deliver enough viewers to make it worth adding us. But, don't discount the value of people willing to pay to stream out games. Every media person I talk to says streaming is the future. That is why CBS, NBC, and now even Disney have created streaming platforms. If NT can prove it will bring enough viewers and butts in seats, then even SMU won't try to block us. The problem is I'm not sure we are quite there yet.
  17. From what I can tell, the Commissioner is the not popular in most conferences not called SEC or B1G.
  18. While I've never lived in Allen, I worked there for from 88 till 2012. Many of my coworkers talked about the decision to limit to only one high school. The reason was civic unity when compared to Plano. The people who lived in Allen looked at how progressively more divided Plano became as more and more high schools were added. Generally, the newer high schools were in the newer and more socio-economically advanced areas which only increased to divisions between the parts of town. I can't remember his name, but a (now former) Principal made a very passioned speech to the school board to never allow a second high school to keep Allen from ever having the extreme divisions Plano had (and still has). Multiple Moms with whom I worked who knew district officials swore it was not about sports but rather community unity. And, on a Friday night Eagle Stadium is going to have a very high percentage of the total number of high school kids and their parents in one place cheering one team. The academics at Allen are among the best in the state. Niche ranks them as #9 out of 1,029 school districts in the state of Texas. When explosive growth slowed in Allen and moved to Frisco, that school board looked at Allen and did NOT want to repeat the giant school strategy. In multiple new articles, they said they felt students in Allen had no individual identites in such a giant school and they wanted to avoid that. Because of the explosive growth, almost ALL of Frisco is upper socio-economic - there are no "bad" parts of town. The school board at the time announced they never wanted any high school to be larger than 4A (which because of classification changes is now 5A). Their system works well, too. Niche ranks them as #7 in the state! Two very different approaches to adding high schools with almost identical results.
  19. Wow. Interesting picture of the ball bouncing out of his hands.
  20. The chance at the National Championship is actually UP from what it was!
  21. TeamRankings gave us a 25% chance of beating Purdue. They like our chances of beating Nova a bit more! We're still significant underdogs, but 38% is certainly a better chance. North Texas Basketball Predictions Update Mar 20, 2021 • North Texas beat Purdue 78-69 yesterday to advance to the next round of the NCAA tournament. Updated tournament advancement odds are below. NCAA Tournament Projections NCAA Tournament Round Odds For North Texas To Reach Round Sweet 16 38.7% Elite 8 8.2% Final 4 2.4% Championship 0.5% Winner 0.1% • We'll send updated odds before every round, if North Texas keeps winning. Next NCAA Tournament Opponent Mar 21 vs. (N) Villanova North Texas has a 38.7% chance to win. Preview
  22. Here's what TeamRankings is writing about NT - North Texas Basketball Predictions Update Mar 14, 2021 • BOOM! North Texas won the CUSA tournament, beating W Kentucky 61-57 in the title game! • The odds that the Mean Green make the NCAA tournament are up to 100%, an increase of 47% since yesterday. • We currently rank North Texas as the #78 team in the country, and the #1 team in the CUSA. Bracketology Projections Make NCAA Tournament Get Automatic NCAA Bid Projected Seed 100% 100% 13 • North Texas almost certainly won't get an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament ... because they already locked up an automatic bid! 🙂 • We project the Mean Green with a 7% chance to make the Sweet Sixteen, but essentially no chance to reach the Final Four. More North Texas Bracketology | Bracketology For All Teams You are receiving this email because you signed up for this newsletter at teamrankings.com. Our mailing address is: Team Rankings, LLC 111 S Highland Avenue #458 Memphis, TN 38111 Unsubscribe from this newsletter
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