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  1. As I told my wife, most church broadcasts look better. I can understand a lens smudge on a high mounted unmanned camera in the end zone that you can’t reach during the game. But all of the cameras should be matched better. This wasn’t a game at the old Texas Stadium where the sun forced massive adjustments as you went down the field. Every camera plugged into the switch should be matched before the game. You point every camera at the same spot on the field and adjust the exposure, the pedestal, and the gamma - in that order. If you can’t make in broadcast adjustments, you don’t touch the pregame settings. The sideline camera might look a little off when not shooting the field that way, but will still be fine for most shots. No two cameras even looked close. You have a person dedicated to pregame set up. The was embarrassing for a school with a media art’s program.
  2. I'm guessing you never say a Tom Landry press conference. Very matter of fact with his praise. Almost monotone. Littrell doesn't expect much of an audience to see these - they are done to allow local beat reporters to fill in background information. Landry also emphasized not getting too excited on the sidelines as that could make you get too emotional to make the correct call on the next play. He had 20 consecutive years of winning records in the NFL so his approach obviously worked. I remember hearing him say you have to watch the film to know what really happened on a play as after every successful play you will tend to think it went better than it actually did and after every unsuccessful play you think it's worse. "Film doesn't get emotional."
  3. I'm not going to belittle any school trying to get better turnout for a home game. We need more attendance. All the other schools in CUSA need better attendance. SMU and UofH could both use better attendance. I'm not sure how, but we need to work toward getting people to come see North Texas play regardless of the opponent. Visitors should never be counted on bringing more than a few thousand fans - just enough to fill up the visitor section and let home team fans fill the rest of the stadium.
  4. I certainly feel better about our team. An 18 point win on the road in a close to sold out stadium against a team the almost EVERY ranking service says is better than last year is great. The sports writers that know CUSA best ranked us one spot about UTEP with the prediction of an extremely close game. We can't have a better record that 1-0 after one game! SMU is going to be a much tougher game but I definitely feel better going into that game now than I did a week ago!
  5. Just a reminder, the "spread" is to get an bettors to place an equal amount of money on both sides of the proposition. That's far more important to the bookies that predicting the result correctly!
  6. Last time I looked, the Bleacher Report didn't even run spell check before clicking publish.
  7. The Big XII was "aggressively expanding" with PAC 12 schools, not more G5s. And the "loose scheduling alliance" isn't signed yet. If I'm the Arizona's and Colorado, I'm not taking the Big XII deal off the table yet. If ANY other PAC12 team bolts, they the Big XII deal becomes better.
  8. Interesting take in todays DMN. A Big XII with the four PAC schools would be more stable than any version of the conference before as none of the members could rule over the others because they are all close in relative strength. Dallas Morning News - KEVIN SHERRINGTONIt’s Big 12’s turn to poach in Pac-12 https://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?artguid=0512898c-ab1f-4048-8fb5-04b39bcc0579
  9. I don't care who our quarterback is. I want us to pick the one that works the hardest in practice and learns to execute the plays consistently. I want multiple quarterbacks to get reps before the start of the season so the coaches can see and evaluate their abilities. Once the season starts, I want them to pick the one that is most likely to succeed and give them the vast majority of reps and playing time. Exactly which quarterback isn't important. I'm not at every practice so I can't possibly judge which young man will be best for the job.
  10. Look at the Big XII as they've both had a championship game and not had one. The CFP committee told them they needed the "data point" of a championship game. Of course, part of that was the Big XII trying to get greedy in a year when both Baylor and TCU were close and instead of the Conference officially backing one tried to push both which caused neither to get in. Obviously, most years an AAC team won't be in the running for one of the four CFP slots but they will be in the running for a NY6 Bowl game. The "extra data point" will out weigh the hurt of the runner up.
  11. I think it was ULM that was invited to the Liberty Bowl which they hate even more than ULL.
  12. It's not just ULM and ULL! AState, USA and Troy are all still mad at the way La Tech has acted toward the SBC for the last 20 years. Returning member NMSU will remember La Tech worked to keep them out of the WAC in addition to trying to keep the SBC from adding football. La Tech worked well beyond what could reasonably be called "being competitive" against all of those schools for 20+ years through multiple ADs and Presidents. You can bet all six schools will be talking long and loud against any addition of La Tech. La Tech worked for over 20 years to put themselves in a place where most other universities are not going to trust them. Let them rot!
  13. I'm pretty sure Dickerson had a maroon and white transam. An Aggie booster gave it to him and then Dickerson went to SMU. Not much the Aggie booster could do - complain and admit to the NCAA the penalty or just keep quiet. When the NCAA was investigating SMU, Dickerson asked them if accepting a car from a booster then going to another school was a violation. The NCAA said it was not.
  14. Wow! Even Baylor had a few scholarship players when Scott Drew took over. What do those guys know?
  15. I couldn't find the article I read directly about Marshall's situation, but I found this article about when the University of West Virginia sued the Big East because they wanted out of the Big East Conference at the end of the then current academic year. It explains or at least reverences many relevant points about Marshall and CUSA including why starting the suit in West Virginia courts forces the entire process to happen in West Virginia courts. It also touches on why the case couldn't then move to Federal court. West Virginia did leave the Big East at the end of the academic year in question. https://www.vuhoops.com/2011/11/01/wvu-sues-the-big-east
  16. I read someplace that West Virginia filed a similar suit against the Big East when they wanted to leave early to join the Big XII. West Virginia won. I can't remember which paper had the article.
  17. I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you! How could anyone related to sports think they can change the terms of a signed contract!
  18. This!!! Conference Commissioners work at the direction of the Presidents of the University members. If the Presidents really want her gone, she is gone. If a majority really don't like what she is doing, it gets changed. I don't understand the fuss over the three schools leaving early. Scheduling with 11 schools just isn't that hard! As was pointed out in the other thread, the Big 10 did it for a decade or more! It's only one year early and legal action will take months to complete.
  19. That’s correct. The local leadership had decided to go all in on football for several years and built Maverick Stadium as part of that. But the students never really supported football and the administration say “We tried and they didn’t want it.” Even today, this petition only had support of a tiny fraction on actual students.
  20. One of the funniest moments involving Meat Loaf being a guest on the "Tomorrow" show with Tom Snyder. Tomorrow was an interview show in the last 70s/early 80s that followed the Tonight show. Meat Loaf was a guest the the host, Tom Snyder spent the first 10 minutes of the interview calling him "Meatball." Meat Loaf never corrected him, he just went with it.
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