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  1. It seems SMU and TCU couldn't find a date that would work. SMU is required by the AAC to keep Dec 12 open for any make up games. I didn't realize this is only the second time TCU and La Tech have played. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/tcu-horned-frogs/2020/12/01/tcu-adds-game-against-louisiana-tech-in-place-of-postponed-battle-for-the-iron-skillet-against-smu/
  2. Not sure why, but both bowls are owned by ESPN Events and they already have a relationship with Toyota Stadium. They also already run the Military Bowl and the HOD bowl in the area so adding another won't require anymore staff.
  3. A very sad story. I hate to see a young life wasted.
  4. Quite likely. A record over .500 used to be the standard to qualify for bowl games when schools regularly played different numbers of games. Remember when most schools played only 11 games but if you played at Hawai'i you got to play a 12th?
  5. I've been humming the tune off and on since the topic was posted.
  6. A combination of doing things right and being lucky.
  7. Thank goodness. Now, please, don't do unnecessarily risky things. At least till the end of football season!
  8. Poor NMSU has had to depend on conferences that HAD to have an additional member or pure mercy to get their last several conference affiliations. The Sun Belt let them in for a few years out of mercy. Before that, the WAC took them as a last resort after being turned down by a number of other schools including us. The first time NMSU was in the Sun Belt, the Belt was just forming and desperately needed teams - any teams. I don't remember the details, but @Arkstfan (I think it was him) has written that NMSU joining the Big West was somehow because the Big West needed another school and the available options out west were very limited.
  9. Maybe, but that's very unlikely. If you look at the teams that stayed in the MoValley after we left in 74, Tulsa is now in the AAC. But West Texas is Division II, NMSU is independent (and likely to drop down to at least FCS) and Wichita State dropped football. If we had followed many of the others that left the MVC in the early 70s to the Metro Conference, then we likely WOULD be in a far better place. Most of them are now in the AAC (CInn, Louisville, Memphis and Tulane). Other Metro Conference teams from the late 70s include Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Florida State. In the mid-80s the Metro included Southern Miss and South Carolina. At the time I was a student from 76 to 81, I kept asking why we didn't try for the Big 8 where many of the schools were more likely to want an annual game in Texas. In the 2020's, being an independent is nearly impossible without some sort of special national following. Notre Dame is THE Catholic university and BYU is THE LDS university. Other independents are working very hard to join conferences - NMSU and Liberty come to mind.
  10. I'm in Coppell. My kindergartener must wear his mask all day. No one can get out of their cars at drop off/pick up. The only time they don't have to wear masks is while eating and they are required to be spaced out over six feet. When the weather allows, they are eating outside. At my daughter's daycare, parents aren't allowed to drop off without masks. Before a child can be dropped, their temperature AND the temperature of the parent dropping off is taken.
  11. It's only $30 for a digital subscription from now till after Christmas. A day pass is 99¢. Neither is an expensive choice to get updates on what's going on in Denton county PLUS all Mean Green sports.
  12. I'm very sorry you are ill and hope you recover soon. I couldn't find an appropriate tag so I went with a heart.
  13. I'm going to say the ESPN story at the time is likely the most accurate.
  14. I was told a while back that every strategy is run by a committee of Presidents for approval before being implemented. That included media negotiation strategies, but that was back when Banowski was commissioner. It's possible they have voted more freedom of action for MacLeod but I doubt they voted much more freedom.
  15. Conference commissioners do what University Presidents tell them to do.
  16. It was a little more complicated than "if it's ULM we don't want a bowl," but close. The I bowl in Shreveport offered a spot to ULM and then started looking for an opponent. They called La Tech and offered that spot to them. La Tech wanted to look for another bowl before accepting but the I Bowl put a time limit on the response. La Tech didn't call back till well after time expired. La Tech said more prestigious bowls were talking to them, but what these bowls were have never been confirmed. Understandably, a number of their fans were furious and the La Tech athletic department claimed it was a gigantic conspiracy by the I Bowl, the City of Shreveport, ESPN, and the Sun Belt conference to screw them. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/8703346/louisiana-tech-bulldogs-9-3-go-bowl-game
  17. First of all, can we all agree this year is going is just going to be crazy. There will be crazy winners, losers and conference champions. As for ranking conferences, all of the G5 conferences are close enough that the variances from year to year mean there is not going to be a consistent ranking of the conferences. Before the last round of realignment, there it was much tougher for a conference wide improvement. After the last realignment, everyone was weaker but the strongest G5 lost the most. Membership changes have made the MAC, SBC, CUSA, MWC and AAC all close enough in the middle and bottom that a stand out year by a mid-level team elevates the whole conference.
  18. I get cold just looking at that clip! My freshman year and being from the Rio Grande Valley I'd never been to a football game in the snow.
  19. It was nice to read your article in the DMN this morning. Yes, we should have HBU totally out manned.
  20. Last year, Learfield stuff wasn't on the regular KNTU app. You had to get it through a Learfield source. KNTU can broadcast but has to stream it separately.
  21. I don't know how many games they will actually play. Right now it's 11. So, I will say they will win enough to be over .500. One game over .500.
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