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  1. I’ve been around since the 70s. My question is, “Why can’t we settle on a shade of green and keep it?” I’ve seen kelly green, apple green, hunter green…etc. I have relatives associated with OU, KU, Texas Tech…and their colors never change.
  2. Perhaps this sounds like a broken record (for those who remember phonographs), but the local media coverage is atrocious. We’ve won 21 games, and I’ve heard not one mention of that on Channel 8. I feel lucky when they announce our score. The coverage in Denton is okay, but those of us who live in southern Tarrant or Dallas counties have to search the paper for any news of UNT sports. No wonder attendance is less than stellar. People don’t know we’re winning because they don’t hear it or read about it.
  3. https://meangreensports.com/honors/north-texas-athletics-hall-of-fame/joe-hamilton/44
  4. Yes…In the 60s it was a metal building that was incredibly loud when students and fans stomped on the metal bleachers.
  5. By the way…I understand that today’s students don’t know why the Coliseum is called the “Super Pit.” Anyone want to share that story for our young readers?
  6. Eagle 71 is right. Joe Hamilton was amazing. If he’s not in our HOF, something is definitely, seriously wrong.
  7. What was the name of the kid who was a JUCO All-American and played with Brandon “Booger” Kennedy? I’m drawing a blank, but I remember he was a qualitY contributor.
  8. I agree with peanuts 104. He never got a fair shake. He was very impressive in the state HS final, and should have been given a chance.
  9. …for your hard work and dedication to the Mean Green. You are appreciated.
  10. I wish we’d come out on top, but I saw some really good things last night and I’m proud of our guys. Go mean green!
  11. NO…absolutely not. Why do I even have to post this?
  12. I was a professor with season tickets, who sat with a professor with season tickets.
  13. The Baylor one I saw on TV had no BU. It was identical to ours with the yellow stripe at the bottom.
  14. Greenjoe…A group of students were displaying it at the TCU game.
  15. I see Baylor stole our battle flag. Only difference is the gold at the bottom. 😡
  16. Insider…Jason Bean, backup qb at Kansas who transfered there because he wasn’t getting playing time here.
  17. Bean’s playing well again for Kansas. They are up 17-7 over Ok State and Jason just scored a rushing touchdown.
  18. Amen to all of the above. My personal pet peeve is that in the early 2000s a class ring design was selected and a ring ceremony was adopted (similar to A&M). The ceremony remains, but there are now about six different ring designs to choose from. Disappointing.
  19. Two Sun Belt Conference schools took out nationally ranked “powers.”
  20. I watched the state championship game the year Kason was a senior. Manvel didn’t win, but it was very close and Kason was very impressive. I was thrilled that he signed with us, and I eagerly anticipated watching him play. It was disappointing that he didn’t get the chance to start.
  21. Do we still have Martin? He’s never been given the chance he deserved.
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