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  1. Jr. Day: This Saturday

    I know it’s been said before, but I love our graphics! It just takes us to the next level on social media.
  2. Spring Game on a Friday Night

    Ha! Nevermind. I’ll check the website.
  3. Spring Game on a Friday Night

    Excellent! Where can I find the date?
  4. Ha! No argument here. Fine is definitely the best QB I’ve seen at UNT. Just want to make sure he plays every game the next two seasons!
  5. Ha! Exactly! As great as that play was, he got rocked. He did what he had to do (at an extremely high level) for the team to be successful..I’m taking nothing away from him, I just want him to play all season and I don’t want to see him picked up off of the ground so much (QB sweeps included).
  6. As great as Fine was, he sometimes held the ball too long. It wasn't quite as obvious against lesser teams, but evident against better opponents. If we could mix in some quick throws and maintain the running game post Wilson, this offense/Fine should thrive again.
  7. Our dad still says "North Texas State". Correct him every time. Right, @Grudog
  8. Anybody Have Seats in 204/209?

    We’re in 102 and love how close to the action we are when the ball is near our goal line. It’s not so great when the teams are on the opposite goal line, but it’s not a deal breaker.
  9. DRC: UNT weekend recruiting primer

    Let’s see what happens after this weekend. Those two recruits would be huge this late in the process!
  10. Jeff Wilson Interview

    Nice little UNT shout out. Here’s hoping that he and McClain get a shot in the NFL! Thanks for sharing.
  11. A- sounds good to me. Two teams we beat Army and Alabama Birmingham had A+. GMG!
  12. Arizona looking for a new coach

    An extra marital affair, but the relationship with the lady was consensual between he and the other woman?
  13. Agree. Outscoring our opponents seems to be our best chance of being competitive. Our biggest defensive strength looks to be the d line. With productive spring practices, I could see the LB’s close behind. The secondary is the wildcard. How will the young safeties do without McClain? How do the corners look? Do we bring in more corners? Does the improved d line help out our secondary? Are we potentially changing our scheme to four down linemen? Its a great time to be a fan! GMG!
  14. Some talent was lost on defense, but there seems to be some good young talent coming in. I'm okay with a young, talented defense. They're going to make mistakes, but they're also going to have to be coached up...I believe in the staff Littrell has put in place. I'm excited! GMG!
  15. New Commit Derrick Shaw 12/22

    He was at the ODU game. Great game! Great atmosphere! Love the direction the program is headed! GMG!