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  1. A- sounds good to me. Two teams we beat Army and Alabama Birmingham had A+. GMG!
  2. Arizona looking for a new coach

    An extra marital affair, but the relationship with the lady was consensual between he and the other woman?
  3. Agree. Outscoring our opponents seems to be our best chance of being competitive. Our biggest defensive strength looks to be the d line. With productive spring practices, I could see the LB’s close behind. The secondary is the wildcard. How will the young safeties do without McClain? How do the corners look? Do we bring in more corners? Does the improved d line help out our secondary? Are we potentially changing our scheme to four down linemen? Its a great time to be a fan! GMG!
  4. Some talent was lost on defense, but there seems to be some good young talent coming in. I'm okay with a young, talented defense. They're going to make mistakes, but they're also going to have to be coached up...I believe in the staff Littrell has put in place. I'm excited! GMG!
  5. New Commit Derrick Shaw 12/22

    He was at the ODU game. Great game! Great atmosphere! Love the direction the program is headed! GMG!
  6. New Commit Derrick Shaw 12/22

    Not that I’m a great evaluator of talent, but I liked his motor. Always pursued the ball. Never seemed to stop.
  7. Turn on Fox Sports SW

    TD pass called back, dropped pass (nicely thrown), then another TD pass!
  8. Georgetown (12/20/17)

    Only caught the second half, but i loved fight of the team. It was a good game.
  9. MGN: 18 Dec NSD

    Okay, that makes sense. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.
  10. MGN: 18 Dec NSD

    Do we not have a Scout, or Rivals sight? I guess I don’t really understand what this means. Should we have those sites? Sorry if this seems like a silly question.
  11. A look at what we have

    A lot of talent on this team!
  12. A new tradition I would like to see get started

    If memory serves, there was a section on our end of the year fan survey concerning the band (pre game, half time, etc). If enough people filled out the the survey, and feel as strongly about the band, then I’m confident there will be an inquiry by the people in charge. I’m sure reaching out to WB wouldn’t hurt either.
  13. A new tradition I would like to see get started

    SMU’s football band is associated with their athletic program and not associated with their music program. SMU has a good music program, but their marching band is lacking. I’d hate to see that much of a drop off at UNT. What is the actual complaint against the band? Has there been any formal communication with the band? I would think communication is the key. If the music department thinks all is well, then they’ll keep doing what they’re doing.
  14. Thoughts on 2018 Team Goal

    Maybe. It depends on the quality of our wins. How good is Arkansas, SMU, C-USA East Champ, and our bowl opponent? We’d have to be really good against them. If we stay the course, I’d love to see a ranking next to our Mean Green! Exciting times to be an Eagle! I realize I’m assuming a lot, but it’s fun to be a fan.
  15. Offensive Line Play

    The line struggled all year, but had Wilson and Fine’s escapabilitiy to cover up the flaws. Our line was exposed against better competition and no Wilson. The team still had a great season. Looking forward to seeing what Littrell and Co recruit. When’s the green/white game?!?!! GMG!