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  1. what happened on the goal line? My cable went out just after the review.
  2. Gio now at SE Louisiana: https://lionsports.net/sports/football/roster/coaches/giovanni-vizza/3254
  3. the drone show was fantastic! Thanks to Jared Mosley or whoever made that happen.
  4. Nixon is starting LB today against A&M.
  5. you make a joke out of damned everything.
  6. Larry Smith is a letter winner from that era & I believe I saw him at that game. You might could find him on Facebook & send him a message. He lives up in the Gainesville area.
  7. who were the other candidates that Mosely picked Morris over?
  8. most of these players have been playing football since they were 6 years old, how do you forget how to tackle?
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