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  1. Hard to tell, which ones are the basketball players?
  2. The Ticket has to justify being the "flagship" station for SMU football by being cheerleaders for them. I'm sure they get very little in ratings out of it.
  3. I'm going with #90 Kaghen Roach again this year:
  4. Any reports on this? Did he buy all 350?
  5. Texas St about 30 minutes away and Rice/Houston around 2 1/2 hours away and they still didn't know.
  6. This is pretty funny but honestly I’m not sure our students could do better.
  7. Welcome neighbor, I’m in 209. Get the blue parking. I'm usually by myself so I park by the IPF & come in between the IPF and the athletic center and enter through the south gate.
  8. Maybe so. They were together at a coach's show last year, I just assumed they were husband & wife.
  9. she's married to Justin Volentine, the assistant equipment manager.
  10. Good deal, now let’s go beat Cal!
  11. hate to hear that, Lee was a great FB back in the day. Prayers out to Bryce and the rest of the English family.
  12. I may have missed it somewhere along the way but I don't remember anything ever being said about Stone Earle's father being a former NFL & CFL player: John Earle (American football) - Wikipedia ABOUT | Thinktwice (thinktwiceministries.org)
  13. I may be wrong but I think he’s within the tackle box & within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage.
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