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  1. He was the guest on the Coaches show today. Seems like a great kid. Said the success of Hamlet & Perry here was a factor in coming to NT. He even thanked the crowd for coming out to Rudys!
  2. And they were complaining about not getting a Jan 1 bowl
  3. yeah, looks like a nice crowd on TV unlike any SMU game that's played there.
  4. Hope everyone has a safe & happy Holiday season!
  5. Ugly incident after game: https://www.on3.com/news/south-alabama-eastern-michigan-brawl-bowl-postgame-fight-video/
  6. Marshall 14-0, 2nd quarter.
  7. Anyone going tonight to watch nUTSAck? I live about 20 minutes from there but don’t want to pay to watch it.
  8. Saw these at Nebraska Furniture in The Colony today:
  9. Would we have any interest in Sam Jackson V, QB from Cal? He's in the portal.
  10. A new one at my local Dollar General:
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