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  1. OMG! Andrew doesn’t care… I guess they should just shut it down now… 🙄🙄🙄
  2. Been here since I first stepped on Campus in 2007. Not from Texas originally. Never heard of UNT till I moved to the Metroplex in 2006.
  3. I’m at the point that I need to see it before I get excited. I jumped on the Ruder train last year and it was a major kick in the nuts. I don’t want that again
  4. Don’t remember Armani Flash or Marcus Smart ever playing for the Mean Green 🤣
  5. I went to Vegas for the first time in 2019 and stayed at flamingo. This time we are staying at Bally's. Already booked a plane ticket with Southwest and will be in Vegas from Sept 14th to 18th (The game is on the 17th). I do hope NT gets a ticket allotment at a decent price! Can't wait to go!
  6. I think July 1 2023 was our goal all along for joining the American. Good to see that is the likely date! The quicker we can get away from Judy the better
  7. Oh I understand, but it’s been dragged on about a year too long.
  8. I am happy for him. I have appreciated his continued loyalty to NT athletics and wish him the best
  9. About time. If you want to wear one, feel free to do so, but no need to force everyone!
  10. I think Drez is trying to play closer to his family in Georgia, sorta like Reese did last year
  11. Great article! We are lucky to have such a great coach who sees a vision and isn’t just looking to jump at a big pay day
  12. I hope Perry isn’t wanting to ask him questions on the portal process
  13. Not shocked. Was hoping he would run it back here like TB did. I wish Drez all the best! He hit some big shots!
  14. I found this line in Vito's newest article intesting. “Renegotiating McCasland's contract would put UNT in position to have him rank among the top-paid coaches in the American.”
  15. Yep! It’s the best feature on the site in my opinion
  16. Do people even use that page much? I just search new content
  17. For sure. I’ve been to many spring games before.
  18. Is this Bryce’s brother? Seems to be the same Oklahoma town
  19. Mine has been paid for and scheduled since 2020. Got delayed twice due to covid. It’s almost like a free vacation now as I paid it off two year ago 🤣
  20. I will have to miss out. Ill be in Galveston boarding a cruise ship on the 9th
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