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  1. Stalking while not in the building is almost impressive… wait actually it’s creepy
  2. Yep took business 121 to avoid the overpass and had no problems! I am here at the Pit! Everyone can still make it! GMG
  3. Making the trip from The Colony. Hoping it’s all smooth!
  4. I have had this discussion over and over again on this board. It’s cheaper (and more feasible) for the university to build a new arena then to try and renovate the pit. Studies were done and the cost to renovate the pit to add what is needed and to stay in compliance is just too high to the point where it makes sense to build new. They will keep the pit to use for graduations and events and NT will get a smaller, nicely upgraded basketball/volleyball arena on the other side of the highway. This will also align to have all athletic facilities on that side of campus.
  5. It does apply. Universities have sovereign immunity in the state they reside
  6. It means that CUSA will lose. These lawsuits are being fought in the state of each university and the universities have sovereign immunity in there own states which makes it impossible for CUSA to win these law suites (yes I am saying plural because I except odu and southern Miss to file suits as well)
  7. I disagree on this part I bolded. We would be absolutely done if we lost to Southern Miss or UTSA and probably even UTEP. Maybe La Tech would be ok but even that would make it a long long shot. We really need to win out. I do think we could lose in the CUSA semifinals to a team like WKU and get an at large
  8. Ya because players would much rather play at brown bag university then half empty university!
  9. The main roads may be fine but the bridges and overpasses not so much.
  10. I feel this way too lol. I am in The Colony and the overpass from 121 to 35 gets icy quick and so does the bridge in Lewisville. Not sure I’ll risk it just to watch us beat down southern miss
  11. 7,002... this is like price is right correct?
  12. I renewed but more because I care to support our student athletes and it’s 6 Saturdays a year to tailgate and drink. Can’t really beat that no matter the product on the field
  13. we are so lucky to have this whole staff....pay them all the money!
  14. I'd probably be admitted to an insane asylum if I admit how many times I have watched both this shot and the La Tech shot.
  15. 1) screw the polls. We don't get respect. 2) i for sure will be there for both Thursday and Saturday
  16. Hank said last night on the broadcast that Tylor Perry is 9 of 10 on 3 pointers in the last 3 minutes of the first or second half this season. Pretty Amazing!
  17. Don’t forget Scott! He had some huge rebounds and a key bucket if I remember right
  18. I’ve never screamed so loud in my life. Perry! Yes! I love this team so much!
  19. UAB acting like they won the conference title 😂. Lots of time left!
  20. Down 2 at the half as they changed the three to a two. Still I’ll take it.
  21. Perry breaking ankles and hitting 3’s
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