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  1. I’d have to be pretty bored to go fishing around for an SMU special on ESPN+
  2. Over under me saying foosball is the devil is currently at 5
  3. Gabe Blair being an OR with Kaci Moreka is a bit of a surprise as a true freshman but everyone had said he looks good in practice
  4. We always have multiple captains on both sides of the ball.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtR4TyDfSc4&ab_channel=OMEGOTTV stream to the UTEP game on youtube
  6. I think I’ll be in Ruston for the La Tech game so I won’t be around to help add to the number, but I do look forward to your watch parties for the other road games this year!
  7. I haven’t heard anything about masks at Apogee this season. CDC has not said anything about needing to mask outdoors, only indoors
  8. I assume we will wear white as well like we did last year vs HBU
  9. that was my issue as well. they are only for pick up at that store on campus between 8-4 Monday Through Friday. Since i work 8-4:30 I would have no chance to pick it up.
  10. We got a banner to fire RV. Why not a billboard against SMU
  11. How do I contribute to the fund to get Wren Baker to put a North Texas Billboard on Mockingbird?
  12. Yeesh the crazy thing is both of those could happen and I wouldn’t be surprised either way. Crazy how much rides on this season.
  13. Great show and thanks for answering my question!
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