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  1. Remember too this is going to be a job in which he can stay and move up a conference. That doesn’t happen often
  2. It’s just a rumor. I can’t compromise my sources
  3. North Texas interested in Grant McCasland
  4. Excited for this game tonight. Should be a decent crowd but it's a quick turnaround from when announced. Texas State is pretty good. They are deep at forward which could cause foul issues for our big men. We should win this game by 7-10 points but it could be a battle most of the game.
  5. Looking at the ticket seating chart for available seats, we will be lucky to hit 3,000 as of right now
  6. Is it like a he who must not be named thing? 🤣
  7. Solomon Bozeman will forever haunt my dreams
  8. Yep, just reserved my season ticket! GMG
  9. 2 good things.. first we won’t shoot 18% in the second half! Second I am in the e building!
  10. The forth worth seed would be a 10, but I get what your saying
  11. Our AD has not once said we can’t afford baseball. We can afford it but are choosing to concentrate on making sure the current sports we have are performing at a high level and competitive for championships and that they have the resources needed to do so. The money for baseball is better allocated through other sports programs currently. Having talked to him personally, he does envision a time where NT will have baseball and he knows the fan base wants it, but it’s not a main priority at the moment.
  12. Hate to hear that. Hopefully the Mean Green can win and aid in your recovery!
  13. If we lose, Johnny Jones has to walk back from Mongolia.
  14. Andrew when we emptied the bench
  15. View of the crowd from my seat!
  16. In all seriousness, great turn out so far and we are still 20 min out
  17. They better. Every other school has had their band here
  18. All seating in the bowl is GA. The number on the tickets do not matter
  19. I disagree. I have enjoyed pretty much every game I have watched at this venue since it started in 2018
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