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  1. UTSA has signs in their arena that says “I am a beak freak” … such a trashy community college
  2. I pick option 3... win the whole NCAA tournament!
  3. You understand the next project is a upgraded athletic center right? That will be first on the list before baseball, basketball or anything else. We need that to help all sports remain competitive in the AAC
  4. You don’t seem to know Coach Mac well if you think he is going to take his foot off the petal! Winning these games should be the only thing they are considered about right now
  5. And yep people think we can still just renovate it. I love the pit but it’s just not a feasible option. The Athletic Center expansion should be first though
  6. Thank you to David and anyone else who took time and effort on Saturday to throw this all together!
  7. there was an Eli Young Band concert at the pit a few months back
  8. This is 100% accurate and the main reason the pit is not a viable option to rebuild. I love the pit. I think it's a great place to watch a game (sightlines are all really good) and when it's packed like it was last night it's a special environment. I am also realistic that the facility is going to be 50 years old next year (built 1973) and it's not feasible to do everything needed to keep it going for 25, 30, or 35 years.
  9. Who cares what they are called if they show up? -Signed a former pit crew member
  10. i think the non-d1 games don't count
  11. Yall made us old pit crewers proud! great turnout
  12. You can see my post in another thread. Unfortunately the super pit is not a viable long term option
  13. Just have to say the tailgate was awesome (and the free booze was flowing!) and the pit was the loudest i ever heard it tonight ( including OSU, TECH, WKU and CBI) Great Atmosphere. This team is so fun. I have never enjoyed watching defense so much as i do with this team. We just smother opponents. I am exhausted, i have no voice and i have the biggest smile on my face. Such a great night for the Green and White!
  14. I always park in the old fouts lots directly across the street. It’s always been free
  15. Probably my favorite night as a student in the pit crew. What a blast
  16. At least that’s how it always was in the past. You can always go to the box office at the star before the game and ask, or maybe reach out to the ticket office
  17. Yep. Already got my 4 sent to someone who is bringing their whole family!
  18. They don’t sell individual games, only sessions.
  19. Just watch NT lol. Pretty much every thing they do is great. Except maybe FT shooting 🤣
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