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  1. FYI you are the only one making it a "debate". Baseball will happen at North Texas, but after the Athletics Center Expansion and most likely after a new basketball arena. As our friends in Frozen said, LET IT GO LET IT GO!
  2. I will have no problem booing McCasland harder then any coach I ever have if he goes to SMU.
  3. Ya I’m sure he “retired”
  4. This was the former CIT college insider tournament. They just changed the name
  5. Who is Grand McCasland? Is that like Tony Denton?
  6. 6 months of uniform talk in 3…2…1…
  7. Ok thanks. I thought he got hurt one other time. I guess I was off. Thanks for clarifying
  8. We just said he isn’t going to go to a worse team. Don’t you read!
  9. I think he declared for the draft yesterday or Saturday. I forget. I saw it on twitter
  10. This. He already used a medical redshirt year… this was his 6th year. He has been with McCasland since 2016 at Ark State
  11. This is the best joke I have ever seen written on Go Mean Green.com. Thank you for the humor!
  12. The atmosphere tonight was amazing. I bruised my hand slapping the boards in the Pit lol. Love this team! GMG
  13. If he is gone it won’t be to SMU
  14. @ADLER you will be very happy to know North Texas is wearing the home white!
  15. I always just park in the old fouts lot. Done that for every home game this year
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