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  1. Ridiculous! He's been on the campus for one week. With that in mind, I also give him an "incomplete" and the pole taker a"wtf".
  2. OK....I like the fact that we are getting ex- coaches and players from Tech but I still HATE THE HECK OUT OF TECH!
  3. Save for 2017. You should need it then.
  4. YES,YES,YES! Now we are finally acting like we are serious about competing.
  5. And a Happy Festivous to the rest of us.
  6. Littrell has Texas ties. He also has been pulling talent from Florida and the Carolinas. He could possibly open up some other areas for us to recruit from It might be better to have him selling the product, North Texas, to prospects that aren't in love with UT, TCU and OU.
  7. Yes! Yes, I am! When I realize that we went a full season without scoring a single first quarter touchdown, those kinds of numbers make me salivate. I am liking Littrell more and more!
  8. Like Kermit the Frog says, "It's not easy being green."
  9. How much money does he have to win to retain his card?
  10. Big Spring High School Charlie Johnson-NFLQuarterback Charle West- NFL defensive back Vikings JT Smith- UNT NFL receiver Ryan Tannahill- NFL Miami Dolphins QB
  11. Ok, I live in the Denver area and Fox is not showing the game here. Is it available "On Demand" anywhere? With a 10am kickoff, the sports bars will not be open. Help!
  12. During the time that Corky Nelson was the coach, there was a "Cork'em Eagles" campaign. I still have a big button that is in my office. That may be what he is thinking.
  13. I met Max Goldsmith in 1973. He was the athletic director in Lewisville.. When Max discovered my love of sports, he took me under his wing. I became close to the coaching staffs, helping keep stats for the football team, running the clock at basketball games and timing at track meets. He shared his love of track and we spent many "off periods" discussing his senior accomplishments. He was a true gentleman to all he met and always had kind words for all. Years later I would travel to Andrews in my sales job and found that people there felt the same way about Coach Goldsmith. He had been gone for 30 years and people still loved him. He was special man. Rest In Peace, Coach.
  14. This young man looks like a winner. His academics are great, he is strong and very physical. I think he is someone we could be talking about very quickly.
  15. The Battle Flag is hanging in Colorado. GO MEAN GREEN!
  16. And you would expect your ayers to say what after their next loss? I expect our Players to always think they are better. If not, they shouldn't be on the field.
  17. When in Cancun, a young man from Toronto walked up to me and started talking UNT football. He knew players,stats, the whole thing. It seems he learned about on his Playstation. I have him my new ball cap.
  18. Wait!! A homecoming and we were not invited?
  19. I have the "Battle Flag" flying in Denver. Let's get this win and start a new tradition of winning championships!
  20. At the game, might be 1000 here.
  21. I will be in attendance at the Denver game tomorrow. I look forward to meeting any other Mean Green fans in attendance. Now I am hoping we can someday end up in a conference with CSU and Air Force. Go Mean Green!!
  22. I have just moved to Denver and have tickets for the Denver University game. Are there any others alums in the area that I can meet with at the game?
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