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  1. It was North Texas State University when Joe was playing. It is still the University of North Texas.
  2. His birth must have been terribly painful for Mom. The had to have weighed in excess of 150 lbs. at birth.
  3. No three on the tree. It has a C6 transmission with a floor shifter. It’s powered by a big block 429, full cam and big ol’ four barrel. It runs like Patrick Cobbs, fast and powerful.
  4. You have a good eye. It’s a 53 Ford. That horrible rear bumper comes off this week and then “Scrappy” will be ready to show. Note the Mean Green sticker on the rear window
  5. This will make an appearance one day soon
  6. They are saying 5,000 on the radio.
  7. Let mewill start by saying I live in Colorado A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to the DFW area for a wedding. While I was in the area I made my usual run to the UNT Souvenir store located at Apogee. While I was in the store I heard talk of season tickets so I stepped to the counter and explained," I live out of state so season tickets are not a good investment for me but what are the benefits of joining the Mean Green Club?" The nice young lady could tell me no benefits that were not related to season tickets. Nothing, zip, nada. She didn't even say, "You would help fund UNT scholarships and support athletics." So, I put my credit card away and left. If we do not even have people that can give answers to "what are the benefits", I may have found our problem with our lagging numbers. I will still join, but I will wait a bit. I am stunned.
  8. Kansas at #30 and Texas State at #56 was all I needed to see to know that these numbers are garbage.
  9. Can he call five time outs in a row because, "You can't save for the next game."?
  10. Except for two or three schools in the Denver area, any 6-A JV would beat the rest of the teams I this city by 30 points or more. It is certainly NOT Texas football.
  11. The 1977 game was played in the Fabulous Super Pit. I was there and it was when we had the best teams to ever represent UNT. For three years we won 20+ games including going 22-4 one year and we got no invites to any post season tournaments The doors opened two hours prior to the game and people were lined up to get a seat. UNT, then NTSU, won the game. I invite you to check the records when Weasel Johnson, Fred Mitchel, Melvin Johnson and those teams were playing. They averaged in the 90 ppg range all three seasons Thank you Bill Blakey!
  12. Put a bow on a pig and it is still a pig. It isn't the players. Four years proves that.
  13. Enough is enough. Stop the bleeding.
  14. Hoping it will work for me in Colorado. Beat SMU!
  15. Didn't he go to play in Canada?
  16. Thank you Ben Gooding! I haven't received mine yet but I am super excited to "rep my Green" in Colorado.
  17. For a short time, yes. I did a better job of it than some "bus drivers" UNT has had.
  18. I voted yes for purely personal reasons. I live in the Denver area and I could see the teams play more often. Wyoming, Air Force and CSU are all within two hours of my home. When I retired from my regular sales job, I took a part time gig at an airport parking facility near DIA. I drove a shuttle bus and had the pleasure of meeting a customer that was headed to a WAC meeting, He was a WAC official. I started talking to him about UNT and he told me that UNT had been on their radar several times and there had been interest. He liked the location, size of the school and the fact that we had shown the incentive to build a new stadium. I know, he was saying what I wanted to hear but he was honest about us having some good things going for us. We shall see.
  19. My money says it's the Florida QB, Dibiase.
  20. Graduated in 73. I lived at the College Inn and my roomie and I would go to Lincoln Park and buy a case of Old Milwaukie quarts for about $5.
  21. hUNTing season opens at midnight. GO MEAN GREEN!!
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