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  1. IMO, a high-talent HS staring at you in the face is much more worthy of a pursuit than any handful of P5 transfers that never saw the field at their old school. If you're determined to prioritize transfers, that's fine, but I would immediately filter through (not necessarily rule out) the ones that never got a snap.
  2. Between Anderson and Starling, IMO, either was a win. One or the other would have made this class fine. Getting both should mean Morris gets some kind of award for what he's done in a matter of weeks. EDIT: I like a ton of these signees. Just want to make that known. Not just Anderson and Starling
  3. Random: if I sign a LOI to one school, can I enroll at another school to be a PWO?
  4. Maybe he'll be a part of a second video with another set of xfers? I don't know. Maybe this is it and he was indeed left out.
  5. None of that outside stuff matters IMO until UNT makes the official announcement (er, tweet. w/e)
  6. We’re about to find out if gmg.com is big enough for the both of Plumm and this new user.
  7. Is this an intentional ribbing, like when others call us NTSU?
  8. Check out UAB's online branding toolkit. If you think UNT announces too many colors, don't follow this link. https://www.uab.edu/toolkit/brand-basics/colors
  9. The presser is delayed, but LOIs are still sent. Hopefully someone can at least tweet out LOI confirmations?
  10. Someone remind me what the scholarship limit is for? It's obvious it does not apply in this situation. 25/class. Which I thought meant you could only sign 25 players to a scholarship, players that are incoming from anywhere, per year. HS/xfers. I'm either not informed enough, or an exception has been made for some reason.
  11. I'm verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Allow me to give you a topic. NIL benefits G5s AND ruins the college game some hold so near and dear.
  12. This seems to make more sense. Just thinking out loud here: Granting an extra year of eligibility because of COVID means rosters got to (had to?) hold onto a class for one extra year, and so there isn't the need to replace positions like you would normally get due to eligibility. This affects any type of player, too, not just HS. The craziness that is the transfer world right now has nothing to do with any scarcity/demand, only to do with how easy it is to move around...and players are acting on this. Not always, but often this transfer decision is made without knowing what other roster you will be going to. This would explain that crazy percentage (cannot remember what it is) of portal guys not finding a landing spot.
  13. Pardon me, but there is only one on this board who can speak in illeism. Where is @ElGuapo and how would you like to be ended by him?
  14. Caleb: wish he panned out. Xferred over to Kilgore and got a whopping 2 receptions in '22. https://www.kcrangernation.com/sports/fball/2022-23/bios/johnson_caleb_2i40 ...I remember being so high on him.
  15. Those CUSA trophies that Morris earned sure look nice, right? In case you forgot, SL was one win away (each) from getting 2 CUSA trophies. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Our coach can go to the AD to get anything he needs. This was news to me, as I thought for certain everyone was on board with our budget and what could/not be afforded. Our rise to the top of the AAC will be much faster than I anticipated.
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