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  1. Ok, gotta agree with you this once. Unless our offensive unit kept our punt unit from coming on to the field.
  2. Honestly, I think going for it on fourth should be a HC call.
  3. Yes, great quarterback, but not a real fullback.
  4. I think they were probably a better team, but the reason we lost was poor decision making.
  5. Two things: 1. Boise can have some pretty damn good weather at this time of year. I've been there a couple of times, once on New Year's Eve, when it was pleasantly warm and sunny, without even comparing it to Wyoming which I'd just suffered through. Right now, it's in the 60's and sunny. I'd love to live there, but am not sure how much time I want to spend around my Idaho Mormon (oops, that's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints members now) relatives. But, yeah, unless you're LDS or into meth, I can't think of anything other than Boise State Sports and potato farming conve
  6. I'm still pissed off at Dodge not going for the field goal just before halftime of that Ohio game in a monsoon. Kicker was having a pretty good night, but not getting any points put us into overtime, when we lost. Never been so rained on.
  7. I think believing the media coverage after blowing out 4 teams having down years could have caused a problem.
  8. Ok, so did anyone else notice that the crowd noise for that "NORTH TEXAS" chant actually did take place as La Tech (for once) did not convert on third down? I couldn't help but thinking that they "crowd sourced" chant actually helped in that.
  9. If it had been up to our defense, we would have won. We got beat on offense, special teams, and coaching.
  10. Well, I appreciate the laugh, Brint. And I think I can say we all appreciate everything you do.
  11. Oh, dang. Thanks for reminding me, Tony. I think "Necessary Roughness" may be on one of the streaming video services we have. I've never seen it.
  12. So, was that their first win of the season today? Our response to all things UTSA this year will be SCOREBOARD.
  13. We need to keep making that a better question every year. We have unused Amtrak vouchers; SA here we come!
  14. Frat houses? I don't think that's enough splaining for that.
  15. Yeah, the Halloween game against Rice was a very impressive showing. And the students will never miss a chance to show up on national tv and say "Hi, Mom"!
  16. Yep. I almost wonder if Sonny and the Stangs were watching game film from last year when we couldn't pass when we weren't running well. At least this first game, it looked like we didn't care so much whether we ran, and maybe were just doing it when we did to keep them (somewhat) honest. Great to have such talent at wr.
  17. I'm glad somebody let me know I wasn't hallucinating back to the future in 2009. I still can't stand getting actually rained on. Speaking of rained on, as I recall, we'd have won and gone home earlier if we'd just kicked a field goal before the half against Ohio.
  18. Ok, I forgot this was a prediction thread: 51-49 UNT, as our defense slightly improves, mainly due to our offense having gained confidence and chemistry since last year. This is somewhat inspired by KERA's airing of their Roy Orbison concert tonight, and the reminder that in his universe, Dallas was just a town southeast of Denton.
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