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  1. I know some here don't want to hear this, but I think a good example of a career trajectory for Mason would be Graham Harrell, who, after a fabulous collegiate career, went undrafted, never really established himself at the pro level, and now, at 34, is probably one of the highest paid assistant coaches in college coaching.
  2. Well, this was slightly more fun than having to file a lost package claim to UPS, which I did a couple of days ago.
  3. Saints have no more picks; traced their 4-7.
  4. Silver, I think you're a good guy, but you were not, apparently, in the 82nd Airborne Division, or otherwise a paratrooper. I did qualify that I was not a "Golden Knight", but perhaps I should also clarify that I never did sport parachuting. Military style parachuting, as ipd054 references, does not end with a "standing landing", as is possible with a "sport parachute", but rather a "plf", or "parachute landing fall", which begins with the toes and progresses along the side of the legs and back. I did have one bad landing, but it was NOTHING. Anyway, to my fellow Airborne troopers out the
  5. Last night I dreamed I was attending a Mean Green football game at Apogee Stadium with a full house in attendance. Before the game started, the Army Golden Knights Parachute Team jumped (disclaimer: I was an Army paratrooper, but never close to being a Golden Knight). At the end of the game, we all ran out on the field and were not observing social distancing. So, what does it all mean? That maybe the quarantine was over, and we had defeated the virus? we played Army in a bowl game and beat them? who knows? But it was good to be there once more to see the Mean Green take the field. Okay, off t
  6. The attached map from the CDC doesn't convince me that the Covid-19 virus cares whether it's flu season or not (and another article describes the typical Australian flu season as being June-September): https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/world-map.html Article on Australian 2019 flu season (which does indicate that had an earlier start that year, with some cases in March and April, but this still doesn't appear to provide much comfort through the "will end with warmer weather theory" https://www.health.com/cold-flu-sinus/australia-flu-season-us
  7. My understanding is that this is the case for the pro leagues, a suspension rather than a cancellation. But I can understand why the NCAA would cancel rather than suspend, due to the players also being students, adding to the scheduling issues for classes as well as games.
  8. A reporter who isn't disliked by someone is probably not doing the work right.
  9. Best wishes to you Jack, and prayers that you live long and prosper. And that you live at least long enough to see consecutive double digit win seasons and bowl championships become not an expectation, but a reality for Mean Green Football.
  10. Sure you're seeing everything available from your attached link? The first video I saw showed him on both offense and defense, and the ones listed below were variously offense and defense.
  11. I knew a parent whose football player son was subjected to such a hoax, and, from hearing about that experience, I'm not sure there is all that much that can be done about it, as such activity can come from such a wide range of perpetrators, some likely classmates of the affected student athlete. When a college HC is involved, that's a whole other level. That said, if one or more coaches at a program can be available to counsel these players as to whether an offer is legitimate and help them avoid such, that sounds like a worthwhile investment of staff resources. After posting this, I will STF
  12. Maybe it would be best to let the facts come out, rather than endlessly speculate. I mean, supposed adults have been kiffened.
  13. I really think he got an arm injury in a playoff game I saw him play against Euless Trinity that never healed properly. Gutsy kid, but I think there were times he was out there playing that he shouldn't be.
  14. I think Ekeler is a pretty smart guy, and is coming here because he thinks it's better for him and his family. Whether the money is less or the same right now, you can bet he's found reasons, tangible or intangible, to think returning to UNT is the best choice. Heck, maybe he was just happier here. If Graham Harrell has proved nothing else, he has shown that, for the first time in a while, North Texas can give a coaching career the right trajectory. Whether it's the right ultimate destination is yet to be proven, but we're getting there. Thank you, Brint Ryan and others.
  15. So, he has a year of eligibility left? He's carrying a lot of baggage for such a short stay.
  16. Yep, that time of cheap DFW/Denton area houses? He gone.
  17. I'm sure it will be less, but in FY 2019, they were paying their "assistant" coaches between $95k and $165k, so I think he should be alright: https://president.unm.edu/documents/athletics/2018/athletics---personnel-schedule.pdf. Good luck, Coach Reff! Many of us don't think all the "D" problems were on that one phase, but it's all part of the coaching game.
  18. I'm not sure that it's been mentioned in this thread, but I think it's more to the point that Harrell was never on OC before coming here, and only had one year as a position coach (outside wide receivers for WSU under Mike Leach). I think it's relevant to mention this, since a lot of this thread has focused on those with OC experience. So, maybe we should start thinking about position coaches in systems where the HC does the play calling, like this guy: https://wsucougars.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/steve-spurrier-jr-/2763. I mean, it may not be a "splash hire" based on OC experience, b
  19. Well, at some point it started raining hard enough (ACTUALLY raining, as they say in the Pacific Northwest) for the crowd to be photographed putting on their ponchos, but it didn't look like that good for a day for the beach before then. But people have to make plans to attend a bowl game, which is hard for other than the most motivated to do this time of year. The only theory I can come up with for the existence of some of the lesser attended bowls is that television advertising is still expensive and sells well enough. Not to digress , but can one imagine what the trajectory of Appy Sta
  20. Yep, that started being an ominous sign in the SMU game, starting with our first possession. Honestly, another thing was just the lack of creativity in the playcalling; it didn't seem like there was any point at which the opposing coaches weren't ready for us. I do think the problems with special teams may be correctable, if only because Biagi was the ST coordinator the year before. I do think Biagi is good at identifying good special teamers and coaching them up, but he needs to work on the coverage teams, for sure.
  21. Based on the crowd size at what was basically a home game for FAU, maybe the protests were in the form of a boycott.
  22. I honestly didn't think UAB was very good when we played them, and nothing I saw yesterday changed my mind. I guess one difference between us and them when we played this year was they had something to play for. Mason gave us all he had in that last game, but with little support, and plenty of reasons to question whether he was healthy enough to play.
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