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  1. I'll give them even odds, so looking to see one of them in green this fall!
  2. But would you have a pronunciation guide on the Que-Card, with something like "RHYMES WITH SATAN".
  3. As long as SL gets it right for the introduction at the Heisman Awards ceremony, everything will be fine!
  4. Hey, don't be too hard on him; I was in charge of managing the street name system for Dallas for 20 years, retired, came back downtown on the train a couple of months later for a retirement party, was trying to help a woman I met on the train by carrying part of her luggage to the Greyhound station on the day the guy intending to be a shooter got shot; was walking up and down the police barricades trying to find a way through, asked a police officer if maybe I could get there by going over to Commerce Street, he looked at me and said "You're at Commerce Street". Hey, stress and getting na
  5. You've pretty much hit the highlights then, unless you're artsy enough to check out the old library converted to art museum.
  6. Man, I hope you know there's a Wichita, Kansas and a Wichita Falls, Texas, as in "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls".
  7. That elevation may have helped set up Arkansas for the ass whipping we gave them last year.
  8. It was really something, back in the days when this old Wichita Falls boy would be driving south to Austin by way of Highway 281, and, coming over the crest of the hill overlooking Mineral Wells, see this grand old building standing like a beacon above the prairies and cross timbers surrounding it. It will take a massive undertaking of time, money, and energy, but if anyone can be a major player in such a restoration, it is Brint Ryan. By the way, the State of Texas will eventually have to fund the development of the Palo Pinto Mountains State Park near there, which, by connecting severa
  9. He said "huge endowment", which you can take to mean whatever you wish. And I see nothing that would benefit UNT in helpring perfect "eastern division geography". BTW, political power can be fleeting. I would like to see religiously affiliated schools demonstrate a greater degree of moral and ethical behavior, as well as general good sportsmanship than seen in recent years, but, just my opinion.
  10. I've got to say, Bleacher Report has come a long way, and in a good way.
  11. He would have according to this: https://meangreensports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=518
  12. I think I'll buy the print version today.
  13. Did your Mom ever work in the old Information Sciences building? Seems like it was part library, part computing center back then.
  14. For you of you who have never pulled a hamstring, it hurts like hell, with the pain starting immediately, and for me, lasted about 6 weeks. It was gutsy as hell for him to go back out there, knowing the kind of pain he was in, and the effect it would have on his mobility. Then, to see him take the hits he did just makes you wish the guy a great o-line for Christmas.
  15. Well, CKSU, I sure hope someone up there in the little apple can inform SL just what is important to y’all. Maybe if someone here had told him after a 4 win start to the season that we wanted to win the 5th game , in front of probably the biggest home crowd ever, instead of watching the coaching staff lose that for us with whatever brain fart they came up to turn it around for the visitors. Honestly, I love what SL has done for us, but to show up at THAT party and lay a turd in the punchbowl makes me a little less sentimental. However, enjoy your first halves, of games and seasons.
  16. Well, you gotta love a guy that whips your ass.
  17. Ok, so we beat UIW. Where do you see that other win coming from?
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