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  1. Shoot 35% from the floor again and see how it turns out for you.
  2. I don't believe it is Mac not studying or knowing offense. Especially when he is over there stomping his foot to get offensive players moving. I think when you have coached a group of players to slow things down until the last 10 seconds - they get complacent for the front 20 seconds of the clock and may get accustomed to playing that way, even when they need to speed it up.
  3. FAU, Charlotte, and UAB felt like our opponent was playing our game plan against us - just better. They were able to stagnate our offense, either by their doing or our own. I can't tell. It's tough to watch, but UAB hit some tough shots, played really well and had a good game plan.
  4. The absolute best site for tracking this: https://www.warrennolan.com/basketball/2023/conference-tournaments
  5. The Athletic had an article that said our metrics make us one of the top 5 "giant slayers". That is - if we make it to the court with some of the top teams in the country - the likelihood of the Mean Green coming out on top is higher than other bubble teams. I might have skipped over some parts of the article explaining exactly how that was determined, but good press nonetheless.
  6. It isn't just WKY. It would also be the performance or non-performance of every other team we've played this year.
  7. Again - These refs are being very friendly in El Paso.
  8. How has UTEP not won more games this year? If this is the type of defense they play, they should at least be middle of the pack...
  9. The refs have been trying to give the Miners the benefit the whole game. They've been giving Golding a long leash.
  10. It's rough listening to this cheerleader.
  11. https://bracketologists.com/bracket/ If we are going by straight NET (They don't), we would currently be one of the first 4 out.
  12. One of my favorite sites: https://bracketologists.com/visualizations/net-kenpom-scatter Before we lost to FAU the first time, we were about where A&M is now in Net and they were about where we are now (although KenPom has consistently favored them). Since the second FAU loss, we have stayed about steady despite the loss to Rice. In other words it wasn't specifically the Rice loss that has hurt us. We had 2 chances to beat FAU and move into the conversation. Beyond that, there isn't a whole lot of opportunity to stay in front of teams that have more opportunities for wins against great teams.
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