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  1. Please let me know if you are interested in selling any club seats for either of the above games. I will by 2-6 tickets..or as many as you have available. Thanks!
  2. Is anyone interested in selling their Club level seats for the SMU game? I would be interested in 4 but 2 could also work. Thanks!
  3. I also posted in the ticket exchange but wanted to try here as well.....i am interested in buying 4 club seats for the army game. Any one wanting to sell?
  4. I am interested in purchasing 4 Club level tickets for the Army game on 11/18. Anyone looking to sell?
  5. Ekhogue

    Purchasing Club Level Seats

    Thank you so much. Good to know! We are looking to go to the game on 11/18 if I can find another sweet Club seat holder to help me out! 😉
  6. We have had season tickets for the last 5 years but did not purchase this year due to our travel schedules...I am interested in treating my parents to a game...and would like to purchase Club Level seats for them...is that an option? thanks Erin
  7. We have 2 blue lot parking passes to several games that we are not able to attend. Would like to see if anyone is interested in trading passes for the games I can attend...if not, I would love to sell them. We have 2 passes for each of the following games: 9/10 Bethune Cookman, 10/1 Middle Tennessee and 11/19 Southern Miss and potentially for 10/8 Marshall. I would love to trade for La Tech!