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  1. But he's wearing black in that picture so he's disloyal, right? Green/White or something like that? 🤣
  2. Why does anyone here care about this hire? I'm trying to figure out why this matters at all?
  3. I know I’m in the minority, but I really like the black. I think, particularly for fans, it’s a color more people are likely to wear. I get it. Green and white are school colors, but black with a green eagle is such a clean look, and I can actually get my wife who doesn’t give a rip about sports to wear it. That same tee in green and she won’t touch it. That’s what’s so great about apparel. If you prefer green, wear it. Don’t like black, don’t wear it. I don’t think it hurts the brand one bit.
  4. He’s already been introduced as the WR coach at Washington State.
  5. I don’t want suitable. I want state of the art and something that will help in recruiting. It needs a real practice facility attached to it too that will hopefully have all the other amenities too (weight room, nutrition, training, suites, real floor seats that were planned and not a add on, etc.).
  6. Your stock answer doesn't really address the "we have bigger priorities" argument though. I have no doubt we could find the budget if we wanted to. There's just a long list of things that need to happen prior to adding baseball, in my mind. AC expansion, new basketball arena, new SB facilities, etc. There's a lot we still need to accomplish for the sports we have before we look at adding more.
  7. Man, based strictly on her experience as a player, I’m willing to hold judgment on this hire. All American and National Player of the Year while playing at UCLA.
  8. I hate when ADs comment publicly on a coach’s status like Del Conte did. I think he has done a lot of things right at Texas, but publicly acknowledging the criticism of a coach he hired in year 1 was cringeworthy to me. If I was an AD, you’d hear from me about a coach’s status when they’re hired, extended, resign, or fired. The rest of their time employed by me, you’d get “I’m doing everything in my power to get Coach <insert name> what he/she needs to be successful. As soon as one of the status changes previously mentioned occurs, I’ll let you all know.”
  9. Exhibit A https://www.collegefootballnow.org/2021friscofootballclassicbowlapparel.html#/
  10. I can't imagine this is the only shirt that's going to come out. Looks like they just tried to get something out there to the market. I agree with the comment above. If you don't like it, don't buy it. That's the beauty of Licensing. The question is "would someone buy this?" not "would I buy this?" There's someone out there who will like it and buy it.
  11. They'll be fine. It's not rocket science.
  12. I was at that game, and there were people standing in the corners of the end zone but there were a lot of empty seats. And I mean a lot.
  13. Honestly, if a coach is trying to use this to recruit against us, they don't have much going for themselves. It would be in one ear and out the other if a coach walked in to recruit my son and he tried to use that line on me. I care more about what you can do for my son vs. what you are speculating might happen if my kid picked this other school. Sell me on your program... or... there's the door.
  14. Good grief, what do you guys expect coaches to say? They're disloyal if they don't say they're staying forever. They're disloyal if they leave for a better gig. Coaches need to say and do what they think is best for them. They can't win either way.
  15. Lincoln Riley is not scared of the SEC. That argument is tired. Besides the top few teams, the SEC is way overrated anyway. It's really only Bama, Georgia, and 1 or 2 randoms each year. It's mostly just media hype. LR moved for a better gig. Period. LA vs. Norman for a young, up-and-coming coach who seems to want to land in the NFL anyway? Seems like a no brainer to me.
  16. If Ruder doesn't improve and take over QB1, he will be one of the most disappointing transfers we've had.
  17. Unlike what message boards tend to think, good AD's communicate regularly with their coaches. I honestly think Seth already knows his fate, and I bet Seth will be the HFC at UNT next year. I don't actually think there's as much uncertainty on Bonnie Brae as there is on GMG.
  18. Oh, maybe have a team ready to play ball and respond to the opponent’s mistakes.
  19. Didn’t they win the Director’s Cup last year? I’d say that’s not doing less.
  20. Another reason I don’t feel sorry for coaches or schools if the portal makes things harder for them… 10 year, $9.5M contracts.
  21. I think it’s one of those things that just won’t ever really be enforceable no matter what rules you put around it. The NCAA is the mess it is because there are already a lot of rules that are hard to enforce. I guess I’ve just accepted that things like that are just going to be part of the game.
  22. Of course they knew it would happen. At the end of the day, the portal is about opportunities for the players to do what's best for them. It's not about the schools. For that reason, I'm not even mad about it. As long as coaches, athletic administrators, etc. can come and go when and how they want, I am for the players having the same kind of options. If you don't want a player to transfer out, you've got to make sure you do what you can to make sure the players don't want to leave your program.
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