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  1. Bahaha… Just couldn’t help yourself?
  2. But wait… I thought Kinne and Texas State was the model to follow?
  3. Do we compete with the Ohio States of the world right now? Have we ever? Honestly, I'm surprised it's just $13 million.
  4. Some of you need to just learn how to enjoy a hell of a win and finish. Get out of here with the “he pushed off, we got lucky” crap. Any given season, there are breaks that go your way, breaks that go against you, etc. You can if and but your way into anything. Sometimes, you just have to step back and enjoy a gutsy win on the road in conference play.
  5. They're doing exactly what the "power schools" want them to do.
  6. Hmmmm kind of like their coaches who jump at the first chance at more money/prestige…
  7. If he can run his offense and keep that Bama defense at the high level they have it at, Bama is going to continue to be an elite program. PS I don’t want a coach anywhere near my program who is scared to take the reins from a legend as some of you are suggesting.
  8. I keep seeing things like this get posted, but the NCAA is doing exactly what the member schools wanted them to do with all of this stuff (stay out of the way). They take their marching orders directly from the member schools. Always have. That’s not new.
  9. I’m honestly not worried about it at all. I think Morris has a track record of finding and developing good quarterbacks. I have no reason to doubt that at the point. I expect him to land a QB that most people will be excited about. I say most because, well, it’s GMG.com.
  10. At the end of the day, if this turns into ACC vs. State of Florida, I'm putting my money on the State of Florida. My guess is this thing ends up settling for a lot less than the current buyout. Even Texas basically says you can't sue me. Look at what happened with Texas Tech and Mike Leach. It's also worth noting that the P5 is history. I'll be surprised if the new "division" includes the likes of SMU. SMU will be right back in the "G5" like the rest of us.
  11. I can’t imagine a lot of people here would have cared much about school, the program, etc. if say Brint Ryan came up to them with a check for $500k each of the next 4 years and said, “this is yours whether you graduate or not.”
  12. Kason talk again? Good grief. He may be a good enough person, but he wasn't an FBS level QB.
  13. In today's landscape, I want anyone who makes the team better one year at a time. If that means a transfer QB who is one and done at UNT, so be it.
  14. Agreed. If you can get paid now, go do it. You can always worry about school later.
  15. Dude’s a true freshman and played what? A handful of snaps this year? How could you possibly know that yet?
  16. Definitely not the guy. At least he wasn’t this year.
  17. You should do a little research into his time as OC at Indiana and North Carolina before you pop off about this. Coming in hot with your own little narrative, eh?
  18. I have no idea what his financial situation is. How do we know he didn’t voluntarily agree to less money? My only real point is none of us have any idea how all of this shakes out behind the scenes. At the end of the day, he took the job for the amount he took it for. It’s up to him and his agent to negotiate what’s best for him.
  19. If you want to interpret it that way, fine. I want our stadium full. I don’t particularly care what shirt the fan is wearing. I’m tired of half empty game days in Denton. And I’m tired of waiting on the stars to align for so much of this fanbase to support this athletic department. I want us to play teams that people from Texas know about and/or know/work with people who went to those schools.
  20. The problem with those types of teams is they just don’t really sell tickets. If we start winning and our fans show up no matter who we play, then I say we schedule whoever we want. My strategy until then would be to schedule teams that will put butts in seats and cause us to sell out of beer like Texas State did at SMU yesterday.
  21. I don’t really get this argument. I feel like they would travel and buy tickets. Certainly a lot more chance of a rivalry that would have financial benefits than 90% of our current slate of non-conference games. If our fans bought up all the single game tickets and we sold out no matter who we play, I would agree with you. But we don’t.
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