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  1. I know that run turned out well, but I hate shotgun handoffs from your own 1 yard line…
  2. I agree. I think at UNT you need an AD who is hungry and on the way up. You need someone who will think of new and creative ways to generate revenue. Going to the same handful of donors has been the strategy before and during the WB tenure. Time to try something different.
  3. He extended Neal Brown after mediocre first two years at WVU, basically
  4. That's wild. Just this morning, reports were they were hiring Eric Morris.
  5. Anything else is just speculation. I may be the minority here or even naïve, but I don't believe the Lovelaces are holding this football program hostage just to keep SL. They haven't been as successful in business as they have been from never making hard decisions.
  6. Just because you disagree with the decision he made to keep SL doesn't mean he didn't make an important decision about the football coach. He chose to keep him. Many here would have fired him. The reality is he still made a decision. And to many outside of the UNT world, they probably look at football's results during WB's tenure at UNT as pretty good.
  7. I can't imagine it's much of a distraction in the locker room. Maybe one of those score updates that pops up on the bottom of the screen during a game, but it's probably only a distraction for half a second.
  8. Shouldn't the mentality be that you assume you are going to play in this game? You're not paying for them in July. You're reserving them, maybe putting down a deposit.
  9. I agree. I could buy into Mosley, given he's been an AD and seems to have his ear to the ground for good coaches. My only hesitation with him would be that a good number of the operational issues this year seem to fall under his umbrella (facilities/game operations, marketing/promotions, strategic communications).
  10. Or someone could have had the foresight to book charter buses for the CCG back in July for that Friday, if bussing students was on their mind.
  11. I've followed athletic administrators for a while now. Weird hobby, I know... Chris Park, Deputy AD, Texas A&M would be my first phone call if I was president - P5/G5/Texas experience - External Operations background (fundraising, ticket sales, marketing, etc.) 12th Man Bio- Chris Park
  12. 1. Hire good coaches and figure out how to keep them here 2. Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise . . . . Literally anything else
  13. They should have met with the players. I would hope an AD/president know players enough to walk in, hear them out, and say “You can trust that I have your best interest in mind through all of this.” If the AD has taken the time to get to know the players even a little bit, they should be able to trust him/her to make a good decision. This isn’t rocket science or letting the players make the decision. It’s leadership and transparency with some of the key stakeholders in this decision.
  14. I think most good transfer movement will be players following their current coaches, at least early on in the transfer window. The rest will shake itself out in the coming weeks. Transfer players enjoy being courted as much as HS players do. I don’t think a ton of movement will occur right away. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what my gut says.
  15. I'll also add that I think Ryan Walters would be a good hire, given that he goes out and hires a good offensive mind for his OC. Ryan's young and a great DC and recruiter by most accounts. I think he'll be a great HC when given his shot.
  16. I think this is a false sense of urgency. Coaches and players are going to continue to shuffle in the coming weeks. Waiting until after the CCG will be fine. There are 131 FBS jobs, and with the facilities upgrades that have happened over the last few years and the commitment from administration at UNT, this is a better job than it was 8 years ago. There will be good candidates who want this job should it open up. I think that, should a change in leadership of the FB program be made, next year is going to be another tough year no matter who takes over.
  17. I know everyone keeps talking about the bowl game in relation to SL’s status. Honestly, I don’t think it’s even going to matter. My guess is the decision about whether or not to move on happens after the UTSA game. I think if he wins, he stays. If he loses, he’s gone. If he loses, the talking point will be that our expectations are conference championships and he’s just not been able to get us there. I think that’s fair to all parties.
  18. A lot of y’all gonna be real sad when this team beats UTSA next week.
  19. How would you ever trademark just changing the colors of a design you didn’t originate?
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