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  1. This. There are way more teams than that list that play their home games on some kind of artificual turf. I have no idea how accurate or new this list is, but according to this stadium list the count is: - 79 Some kind of artificial turf - 51 Grass
  2. I mean, if I was a regular student, I would be asking why I’m paying tuition for student-athletes making $25k-$50k per year? Edit to add: And going into debt in many cases
  3. At the end of the day, none of these collectives mean squat if they don't produce W's on the fields, courts, etc. I'll hold my judgment on any of these NIL collectives until I see if it equates to wins.
  4. Not to mention that the big name donors to this program were all cultivated when RV was the AD. If you look around, it's not like there are a lot of new big time donors since he left. I know the trend on this board has been that RV didn't do XYZ when he was AD, but the truth is that's just wrong. He did what he did without the same commitment from university leadership that has been seen the last few years.
  5. You seem a little excited about the Big XII!
  6. I hear what you're saying. I just think it's one more variable to leave open for UTEP. Obviously, in and of itself, it's not going to win you a game. I just like leaving it open out there.
  7. I hate hearing people say Denton doesn’t support the Mean Green. I think it’s amazing the sponsorship dollars that roll through Athletics at UNT given the lack of eyeballs that see the names. I wish people would put the spotlight on the real issue. It’s not Denton’s lack of supporting athletics. It’s alumni. MGSF donor base and dollars is pathetic given the number of alums who still live within an hour of campus. With no real data to support anything, my guess would be that if you pull major gifts from any donations coming into athletics that sponsorship dollars probably exceed donations.
  8. I wouldn’t. Why make anything public? He can very easily shift reps however he wants to in practice or even tell the QBs who he’s going to start. I don’t see the value add of publicly naming a starter. I love the idea of making UTEP plan for multiple options. Of all the gripes with SL, this one is pretty weak.
  9. So did he "encourage" or "give his blessing?" Those are two very different things, in my opinion. Words are important.
  10. I don't know, man. 5-7, even Year 1, in Austin is pretty hot. Fair or not.
  11. For me, it's simple. Scholarships get renewed annually. Any restriction above and beyond a year just doesn't seem fair in my book. If coaches/schools are willing to go to 4 year scholarship guarantees, it's a different conversation.
  12. I love that your response is to go to the extreme end that literally no one is advocating for. The initial post and proposal mentioned literally says the athlete has to be in good academic standing at their current school. What your post suggests is a need for some kind of option for athletes who don’t want to go to college. I think the missing piece in the game of football is some kind of minor league or developmental league for athletes who don’t want to go to school. And I’d be fine with that too. It works for basketball and baseball.
  13. Got it. Loyalty expected from the amateurs on one year scholarships, but once you get that degree, sign a multi-year contract and get paid a six+ figure salary, loyalty doesn’t matter. You’ve earned the right to do what’s best for yourself. Makes sense to me.
  14. Are coaches going to agree to not taking the next job until their contract is up and ADs to not firing coaches until their contracts are up at the same time everyone expects these players to just stay put and be happy?
  15. Who cares? It's not the responsibility of the college rule to make decisions about what's best for HS or MS students.
  16. Right, which is why this proposal has transfer windows.
  17. Parents of those MINORS do have the ability to move, homeschool, send to private school, etc. if they think there's a better option for their children than the one they're currently in.
  18. What gives any of us the right to maintain control from these athletes though? I'm a hard pass on this logic. It's their life to make the decisions they think is best for them, whether I agree with them or not. I'm not out here telling the other students on campus they CAN'T transfer from UNT to Texas Tech because they're not equipped to make "the wisest decision."
  19. I have no idea who’s breaking the rules anymore. What I do know is that the players shouldn’t be restricted because the NCAA and their membership schools can’t follow the rules.
  20. Let me preface what I’m about to say with: Coaches who cheat and break the rules should be punished severely. I don’t really have an issue with unlimited transfers. I think players should have the ability to come and go as they deem best for their own personal life, whether I or anyone else thinks it’s what’s best for them. It’s no different to me than when I hire someone at work, invest time and money into them to help make them a better employee, and they choose to move on. That’s really just kind of how the world works. Even their coaches benefit from that kind of freedom. It’s interesting that we tend to expect multi-year commitments from athletes yet they only receive annual scholarships.
  21. These are sweet! I'm a huge fan.
  22. I think this is brilliant. It ensures every player on the team gets a solid chunk of change, while also letting players get their own deals on top of this. Strong move from Cody Campbell and Co. That oil money in West Texas is deep, y’all. This isn’t going away anytime soon.
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