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  1. Didn’t they win the Director’s Cup last year? I’d say that’s not doing less.
  2. Another reason I don’t feel sorry for coaches or schools if the portal makes things harder for them… 10 year, $9.5M contracts.
  3. I think it’s one of those things that just won’t ever really be enforceable no matter what rules you put around it. The NCAA is the mess it is because there are already a lot of rules that are hard to enforce. I guess I’ve just accepted that things like that are just going to be part of the game.
  4. Of course they knew it would happen. At the end of the day, the portal is about opportunities for the players to do what's best for them. It's not about the schools. For that reason, I'm not even mad about it. As long as coaches, athletic administrators, etc. can come and go when and how they want, I am for the players having the same kind of options. If you don't want a player to transfer out, you've got to make sure you do what you can to make sure the players don't want to leave your program.
  5. What’s this “paper” you speak of?
  6. The split has basically already happened. I think the CFP is the start. As soon as enough pressure builds to really let in someone other than the P5’s they want in, I think they’ll roll off and start their own thing.
  7. Maybe Mississippi State has some they could borrow...
  8. When it comes to uniforms, I don't actually think the branding matters very much. Even if you stumble into a game on TV, it doesn't take much time to figure out who you're watching. I can't remember the last time I used a team's uniform to figure out who I was watching. I would focus my branding efforts on what we put out on social media, billboards, websites, licensing, etc. Just my two cents.
  9. I don't know why any of you are convinced there's someone better in that QB Room. Why would he sabotage himself by not playing the best QB? He may not be the coach you want him to be, but I don't buy that he's sitting on some gem of a QB.
  10. Never ever turn down an opportunity for a bowl game.
  11. Nor should it be. Year 1 with a new coach. If they didn’t expect some challenges, Herman never should have been fired. They have locker room issues adjusting to the new coaching staff.
  12. Is the Round of 32 banner a thing other schools do? Seems odd.
  13. Can't help but root for him. Tech's a tough place to win. I hope he does.
  14. I'm confused too, but I think this article has it right. It is from 2019 though. SI.COM It also looks like they're planning to expand on that with the way the portal and 1-time transfer waiver is working. FOOTBALLSCOOP.COM
  15. Branding is always an interesting conversation to me. John Hedlund, at one of the coaches caravans years back, was lamenting that Rick V was so set on "North Texas." He said he would go to soccer tournaments recruiting and there are so many club soccer teams that use "North Texas <insert team name>" that people always asked him what club team he was with. He would have to explain that he was with the University of North Texas. He wanted "UNT" on everything to help make that distinction. Just some food for thought from arguably the most successful coach in Mean Green history.
  16. They could hand out $100 cold hard cash at games and some of you would complain it’s not a gift card… smh
  17. I hate the “playoffs”
  18. I would love to see baseball as much as the next guy, but I don’t think we should add baseball until we improve the athletic center, basketball arena/practice facility/volleyball, softball, etc. I’m not a fan of adding sports until we have the facilities our current sports need and deserve. Plus, anything we can do to keep McCasland for another few years, I’m all in.
  19. The problem with the Super Pit to me is that you would just never really be able to make it truly feel like a modern arena. The stands are too far from the court, the floor seats look like what they are…floor seats added to an arena that was built without them. It really just feels dated, as previously stated, and I just don’t think you could overcome that. It’s just time to move on and start over.
  20. To me it’s the struggle gaining support UNT has always had… attendance and general fan/alumni interest in the program to name a couple.
  21. My point is, quite frankly, he’s better than the UNT job. I don’t think he’s sitting around waiting on the UNT job. If he were to choose to come out of retirement, and I don’t think he’s going to, he’s not doing it in Denton. Also, with his connections to Coach Mac and SL, he’s going to know how hard it is to win here and that the lack of support is hard to overcome.
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