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  1. We are a f***ing joke of a team. This mess needs to end a few careers
  2. I was. Now I have to drink more. My liver is not a UNT fan.
  3. If you extend the game with infinite flags you can never actually lose. Of whatever. This is a nightmare
  4. That crowd... Ouch. I'd be here if I didn't have a kids sleepover. But that's a sign of the season.
  5. Good gawd, can these guys not get a break this week? What a mess. Truly hoping they pull out all the stops and put on a good show tonight, but jeeze man...
  6. Well, it's even in the name right there. If you're from that school then you are by definition, like, 100% balls.
  7. Ever since I've been at school/following mean green, Vito has been a part of that experience. He's the Robin to our Batman. The Sheriffs Hat to our Rick Grimes. The Corn to our Dogs. The fruit to our looms. Better to have a Vito than not have a beat reporter
  8. So easy to criticize. So hard to offer options. If you want to present a problem, be prepared to offer a solution. Send some positive ideas to help spark the conversation. I'm sure he would value some material to help. Unless, of course, you're an award winning journalist, like our friend "Bert"
  9. Got any suggestions? Not sure you've noticed, not a lot of positive things happening. Work with what you've got
  10. Certainly marshal isn’t as good this year as some think they are, but, hell, neither are we. 35 / 24 Marshall
  11. Answer will always be: Make new email for youtube TV free trial. Use again next weekend for fubo free trial
  12. Be the spark that lights a fire of change. Brett isn't moving mountains. But the general public needs to see how bad things are before a movement to get rid of Seth gains more ground. Once the consumer starts changing behavior... That's when mountains move
  13. 6+ and a Bowl win is where my line is. Get that job done finally and I will reconsider 1 more year. Part of me wishes he was escorted off campus today, but I want to believe he is better than... Whatever this is.
  14. You know that snuff films are illegal right? I'm not sure any UNT games this year can be legally viewed.
  15. "Impressed" is too strong a word. I'd say he did play better than our last few games. Which is such a horrifically low bar that it should be used for limbo competitions. Don't oversell that sucking less still sucks a lot for our QBs. At best he improved but still has massive mistakes. If he truly is our best player, let him grow and keep him as starter.
  16. You know what? F*ck it. Buying far cry 6. Has to be better than this mess.
  17. Oh shocking. Who could have predicted us not converting a 4th. For like the 12th time this year
  18. Also, one more far cry 6 commercial and I promise I will never even consider buying a single far cry game again.
  19. I expected bad. Somehow we got worse. Bottoms up ya'll!
  20. Which is still a massive improvement from last year
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