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  1. He might also make the record for the first division 1 player to receive a routine colonoscopy if this continues... That's a crazy fact though. UNT loves to fill in those weird facts
  2. Sure grandpa. Time for your meds... Its just your imagination
  3. I hate to be that guy... But the refs handed that game to UAB with that incomplete call That was a catch, no other way to call it
  4. Espn3/+ are streaming only. 3 requires cable sub. + requires streaming sub. I missed the days of squinting at static channels to view...illicit... Content rather than a 100 streaming services
  5. You're right. Mexico deserves better than that
  6. Then king amongst ants!! We can go make our own division. With hookers and blackjack. Win it all In fact, forget the division.
  7. Vito is 10-0 UTSA is 10-0 This isn't UNT vs UTSA... We have our beat writer on the line #DoItForBert
  8. So it's ok to just sh*t on folks posting about things of interest just because you don't care about anything but the green goggles you are wearing? Neat! Hope that works out well in life. I found the info very informative and well laid out. He did a good job of it
  9. You do realize we play them in 2 weeks? That seems like a rather "duh" moment. The other half of that "duh" moment is that they are highly over-rated, and UNT has a chance to end this season with a very very loud bang. I'm excited to see some positive football action for a change, aren't you?
  10. FIU is almost as sure a win as we are going to get this season. (jinxed it) Our AD had better get ready to hype the hell out of this game next week. A 5-6 UNT pushing to go bowling and ruin the undefeated dreams of a state rival? Despite the poor start and the poor coaching and the poor QBs and the poor catching and the...good defense, this is a solid recipe for a fun game. And a fun game is really what we all want out of football.
  11. Figures they'd have to reach out to Japan to find a willing donor. University texas? Yes yes. We big money for you.
  12. "University of North Mexico" t-shirts for first 500 visitors? Def needs a "come and take it.... No, please take it" cannon on the back
  13. And you can die knowing that you did not waste that magical 1,000th. God bless you.
  14. I really want to wish you luck. I really do.... Its a miracle season and you guys deserve every minute of it... I'm jealous. But nope. I have several vague, general, and generous suggestions about what you can do to yourselves and one very specific one about your mother. See you in a couple weeks!
  15. Pretty sure they just left it in a ditch somewhere and pretended it never happened. Stories told say that to this day is still sits there, rotting and home to at last a half dozen crawdads who are shamed by their life choices.
  16. I get being 10-0 and that's awesome. good for them. I'd be excited too. They only beat 2 teams at this point who having a +.500 record. They aren't exactly setting CFB on fire. One of them we just beat. UTSA is really ranked a LOT higher than they should be by record alone, and I'm thinking a resurgent UNT has a good chance as shoving some coal up their Christmas stocking this year, if UAB doesn't beat us to it. I really hope Aune is taking his flintstone vitamins... poor guy needs all the help he can get
  17. We are all in that boat. But any extra game day watching UNT is a good day. Its not glorious. It'll probably suck. Ok... It will suck. But its still UNT football. Just remember how long the offseason is... You'll be begging even for bad football before long.
  18. Eh... I'm just here for fun and drinks. If someone isn't having fun posting BS on a CFB forum.. Well they have some bigger life issues to figure out.
  19. Probably. But I’m just enjoying the ride. What a whacky year so far…
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